Home Sales in Toronto

In lieu of starting only sarcastic postings - I like to raise for once the question whether or not only my phone does not ring these days. I like to invite colleagues in the Toronto area to post an honest answer how active their inquires for inspections are actually being these days. The number of monthly home sales in the Toronto area is very misleading - because about 50% of the published sales consist of condominiums which not even have been constructed - and have therefore not been subject to possible inspections.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - TORONTO

Looks like all the home inspectors went out of business. You’re in luck Rudy. Your phone should be ringing shortly. Or did you forget to pay your bill??:stuck_out_tongue:

Rudolf been slow here to but it is Febuary and the weather has somthing to do with the number of calls in my opinion. I have had two calls to day both price shopping an one booking for next week along with the one for Saturday that came in yesturday. All I can say thank God I’ve got a bar, a bookcase and microwave stand to build between now and the end of March helps to keep me out of trouble.

My phone rings every day, and i am busy this time of the year, every day keeps me hopping, 3 inspections a week min, and a huge reno job with 2 guys working there I only have a little room left in each day for marketing, and quoting.
But today I get to be the candy man and deliver my candy baskets to keep my name out there and upfront.

Every time we have bad weather it seems to slow down some, Jan. 08 was down about 27.4% from Jan.07. I think we are having a bit more snow this year.:shock:

Chuck I have to agree when the weather is bad no one is out looking at house. After the weather the first of the week only had three calls and now have 2 inspections for next week so thats a little better than I would have expected.

I was to do an inspection this am. When I arrived the vendors were both home with the flu. The listing agent forget to tell everyone to postpone the inspection, so now its been rescheduled for Monday.

There is a lot of bad flu and colds going around. I am just getting over a really bad bug which I have had for the last two weeks.

That is likely another scenario for a slow period.

Hopping? Candy baskets? You must be the Easter Bunny then.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hmmm… a little early isn’t he?:mrgreen:

The Toronto Real Estate market is alive and well with 2007 setting record sales!! If your phone is not ringing in Toronto for HI’s than I would have to agree with my friend Linas!!! Pay your telephone bill and get connected! :roll:


BTW Condos need to be inspected as well!!

At 6ft plus I make a horrible wabbit but I do look great with candy basket for the secretaries at some of the real estate offices, and the lawyers offices i was visiting.
and if this puts a smile on thier faces, gets a call or three for me then it’s well worth being called the easter valentino wabbit…


It’s a great marketing idea and probably works much better than just dropping off some cards or brochures.


You guys in Toronto just need more practice on one like this one :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Holy crap!!! At least it’s a bit better than the Tokyo container type bedooms (4’x4’ or 5’x5’ by 6-8’ long) that you can rent for a night.

May be one of the neighbours will buy it for the driveway space…not exactly cheap parking.

I do not think you can get out of most cars in 7 feet 5 inches.
I guess a small van go in and out the back doors?


Sure your name isn’t Harvey?:mrgreen: