Home Sales in Toronto

In lieu of starting only sarcastic postings - I like to raise for once the question whether or not only my phone does not ring these days. I like to invite colleagues in the Toronto area to post an honest answer how active their inquires for inspections are actually being these days. The number of monthly home sales in the Toronto area is very misleading - because about 50% of the published sales consist of condominiums which not even have been constructed - and have therefore not been subject to possible inspections.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - TORONTO


Its quiet because of the weather! I typically go through a slow period this time of year, but then again I charge more than my competition.

Last week I was in Florida and turned down three jobs, but thats Murphys law.


Maybe you need to become a member of ASHI, or NACHI, or OAHI or National Certification?