Home Savvy Holiday Discounts

Home Savvy has grown from a podunk concept to improve the way inspectors build their brand names to a serious marketing and revenue-generating platform. I want to thank all of our subscribers for their faith and support (as they experience our growing pains with us). I especially want to thank Nick Gromicko and the NACHI “regulars” for putting up with me for the past year. So, in the spirit of “thanksgiving” this holiday season…


From now until December 31, 2007, you can enjoy the benefits of Home Savvy™ eZine for $111 off our regular annual subscription rate. This is a year-over-year subscription rate, so you never pay more than $249 per year from this point forward if you renew your subscription back-to-back.

You get:

* Personalized Home Savvy™ eZine with Corporate or Personal Bio
* Fully-managed content (we do all the work)
* eZine Layout for MORE pages of content
* Custom ad graphic on every page
* Interchangable Super-Buttons - [See more](http://www.homesavvymagazine.com/leftButtons.php)
* "Handshake" program to earn ad revenues - [Sample 1](http://insight.homesavvymagazine.com/handshake.php)  [Sample 2](http://restassured.homesavvymagazine.com/handshake.php)
* Editable "Handshake" advertiser page
* Editable "News & Blog" announcement page
* PW-protected Message Center to receive marketing tips and updates
* Available Webstats
* Option to re-name Home Savvy™ title to whatever name you want ($35 additional fee) - [See sample](http://assured.homesavvymagazine.com/index.php)


** * Inclusion in additional MeetInspectors.com directory AND
* WINDOWS USERS: $100 OFF towards the purchase of 3D Inspection System’s Standard or Premier reporting software AND
* MAC USERS: $100 OFF towards the purchase of Home Inspector Pro reporting software for Apple™ OS

If interested, visit http://homesavvy.newsletterjunction.com for more info. Go to the “Pricing” tab to subscribe.

Thank you all.

Recent testimonial from 11/09/07:

I pray that HSM will be around for a long time. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. I’m getting agents calling me that I have never heard of. In fact, I just had an agent call yesterday asking for more information on ITI. He found me be receiving HSM.

    I’m on pace for a record November!! November is typically the beginning of the slow season, so if I get to thirty inspections, it will be an all time record breaking month. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink it!! If inspectors are not using HSM effectively, they are insane!!


Recent testimonial from 11/09/07:

Hi Robert,

*Thank you for the info. I have received nothing but compliments from my subscribers of Home Savvy. Not one person has opted out. I also had one contact that wasn’t reciprocating business with me so I deleted his contact info, and he contacted me and asked me to re-enroll him (because of Home Savvy). Great job with all of it.


From a Realtor to a HSM subscriber (11/07/07):

Hello Gregg,
*I have just received your newsletter via email and read the entire Home Savvy magazine! I found all of the information contained to be very informative and pertinent to my daily work! Thanks for sharing and will look forward to the next issue! Hopefully we will be able to work together soon as well,


D. Carfrey, REALTOR
*Columbus, GA

Recent Testimonial from 11/07/07:

*Thanks to Home Savvy, which was sent to my contacts 3 hours ago, I have nearly paid for my annual subscription. The new agent stated that “the inspector that put this together newsletter together must really have his act together.”

Thanks again for the fantastic product and support!

G. Austensen*

From Recipients to a HSM subscriber - 10/16/07:
(This subscriber is a valued and very regular resident of the NACHI MB.)

  • Insurance Agent to subscriber:
  • PHIL*
  • Chamber of Commerce to subscriber:
    *I checked out the newsletter link. Very nice. Lots of information!
    I will forward the link to our members this week!

Take care,

Michele B.
Chamber of Commerce

Recent Testimonial from - 10/11/07:

*Agents are really digging the articles. I have received some good feedback from several Realtors…

The email below is from one of the Top Produces in Montgomery County. I’ve had a hard time getting my foot in the door with this guy, but he emailed me last night thanking me for a “great Newsletter.” Then, I received the email below. He copied the article (see bottom of email) then distributed it to over 500 of his “LinkedIn” partners.


Recent Testimonial from - 10/05/07:

I just wanted to thank you for all of your efforts in continuing to make your product the best newsletter available. It is appreciated.

Dan K.

Recent Communication from - 09/20/07:

*[FONT=Arial]A number of my students have signed  up for your program.  We average 200-300 new inspectors  annually and 500-700 inspectors for CE annually.  I would very much like to offer this  information to every inspector asap.[/FONT]*

[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
B. Merrell


How do you get new email addresses to mail out to your list?

Are asking how our subscribers (not us) acquire new email address? If that’s the question, then the answer is that it is really up to the subscriber. Many have pre-existing lists of contacts that they’ve built over the years while other may purchase commercial lists. Then again, some inspectors simply call agents and use HSM as an ice-breaker by inviting them to join the recipient list. I know of one subscriber who prints HSM flyer from his home printer and distributes them to real estate agents and mortgage brokers. Once they email him, he adds them to his list. I’m sure some people send unsolicted, yet targeted, emails to strategic contacts by looking up their email addresses online first.

Keep in mind, though; Home Savvy Online Magazine (eZine) is NOT a “newsletter” (though that’s the common term people use to describe it). It is as the name implies, an “online magazine”. As such, you wouldn’t email it to anyone anyway. Instead, you would email a “teaser” that refers to your HSM account. There is simply too much content and too many pages in a single issue of HSM to send by email.

I have one subscriber who purchases a low-cost display ad in his local town newspaper for his HSM. He uses his own online tools to acquire subscriber email addresses from interested consumers who want to learn more about real-estate related topics and home inspections.

At the end of the day, different people do different things to acquire readers and subscribers.


Do you create the teaser or does the subscriber do that? I assume they can do some basic personalization of it, care to share any information about that aspect of the program?

And who sends the emails, you, subscriber, both, either, none:shock:.

– bz

We create the teaser. It is a hyperlinked HTML page with graphics that you simply cut-n-paste into your favorite email program. Add your personalized text above or below it.

And, no, we don’t send emails. Too much liability since we don’t know who is on the receiving end. Also, if our mail server breaks, then it affects everyone. Here is a link to an actual teaser. Just CTRL+A (select all) the page, CTRL+C (copy), then CTRL+V into your outgoing email.

We change the teaser graphics every month, and you add any info above or below it (in your email) as you see fit. Maybe Kevin Richardson can send you his. His teaser is nicely done.

I’m sure Robert will answer your questions shortly, but here is an example of the teaser. Robert creates the teaser fro each HSM subscriber at the beginning of the month.


What I do is take the teaser and add a branded “header” and “footer” to the email and blast it out on the first Tuesday of every month.

I use Send Studio NX, which is an awesome program that resides on my server. It gives me stats like opens, links, bounces, unsubscribes, and forwards.

Hope this helps…


That’s great Kevin, thanks!

Care to share some statistics? How is the reception going so far? Readers who have seen it for a few months still reading it, etc?

– bz

It’s going great! I have recieved positive feedback from readers. This month I sent out 15,700 emails and I only have 93 unsubscribes as of today. Send Studio does not give you specific data on each person, but does give the email address, date and time each person opens the email. In addition, the software gives you the unique links that each person hits. I think I have about a 20% open rate. That might seem low, but I blast out over 15,000 emails every month, so that is a lot of people looking at HSM and I’m keeping my name out there.

I’m also driving more people to my website. Traffic to my site has doubled since sending out HSM.


Thanks Robert.