Holy cow...HSM subscriber results letter

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Just got this from one of our HSM subscribers. These are the results I was hoping to see for our subscribers. This was an unsolicited testimonial, and I love the excitement and enthusiam in it. Wish more people would “catch the wave”, especially those whose business is slow. Anyway, happy reading…

Subject: HSM update-Testimonial
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 23:29:54 -0500
From: Insight Home Inspections <GAustensen@InsightHomeInspections.net>
To: Robert Humphries <robert@newsletterjunction.com>


I just wanted to update you on what has occurred since the release of my first 2 months of Home Savvy. Within 3 hours of the first email announcing my Home Savvy I received a phone call from an agent that I had not worked with before to book an inspection. To pay for my “investment” in Home Savvy within 3 hours is to say the least impressive. I later found out by looking at my email logs that the agent called me within 15 min of opening my email. Now that’s impressive!!

Due to the recent slow down in the real estate market my local Coldwell Banker office stopped allowing vendors to access the agents mail boxes. I assume because “so many” vendors are trying to generate business and things just got out of hand with the mailboxes. I contacted one of the principal brokers explaining my membership in and support of the local Board of Realtors in hopes of persuading him to make an exception. He did not. I thought that my access to the largest Coldwell Banker office in the Southeast had just been cut off. Just last week I was contacted by a Realtor asking if I would donate a door prize for the Realtors Christmas party. Without hesitation I said yes. I donated 2 Pre-Lisitng inspections along with 2 Home Savvy sub-accounts and free graphics for them. My gamble paid off in spades. The recipients of the door prizes were a broker and an agent who is the sister of the primary broker from you guessed it, Coldwell Banker. I am meeting with her tomorrow to work out her graphics for her Home Savvy sub-account.

I currently have 3 sub-accounts and 7 pending artwork. Every agent and lender I have shown Home Savvy Sub-Accounts to have signed up without hesitation. It is a win-win for everyone. And it is especially appealing to agents in this down market. I don’t know many that would pass on the opportunity to have such a high quality marketing vehicle for free. Now that I have established a base network of sub-accounts( HSM distributors) I will begin focusing on Handshake ad sales as well.

Thanks again!!!

p.s. Thanks to you and HSM I have now developed insomnia. Since our last phone conversation most of my waking hours and brief periods of sleep are spent thinking about HSM, distribution/marketing strategy, revenue streams, etc. We should talk!

Good work Mr. Humphries. Keep it up. ( your work that is )

Nice sample http://restassured.homesavvymagazine.com/

I like it too…:smiley:

Robert did you get all my paperwork etc?

Yes, but I guess you didn’t get my email.


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No I did not get your e-mail. Oddly enough we had the same problem with the logo I wanted you to design for me. The logo never happened. It may be something in my settings? Certianly, troubling to say the least. I have to get it figured out because I am sure I will need the support as this is new to me. I will do these things today that you need.

Folks, I just went to visit my new site and I must say it is sweeeeet! I wish I was that creative. I see good things coming from this. Thanks Robert and I will get this stuff you requested as soon as possible. Also thanks to Kevin Richardson for your insight and I will be e-mailing you:)

You’ll have to refresh my memory on that.

I just heard from two subscribers that they aren’t receiving my emails, either. I’ll have to get on a tech support call with them to find out what the heck the problem is this time.

Thanks Robert

You have a PM