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As a new inspector I am sifting through the list of other companies that want to “partner” with me. The latest is secure 24. If I refer them to a paying client I will receive $200. My initial thought is that I don’t like the idea of me giving my clients contact info out only to potentially have to go through a hard sell for a security system.

If a client is interested in a home security system I don’t mind connecting them with the home security company.

Thoughts? Any guidance would be appreciated. I did read an older post that was 6 years old but would like more current thoughts.

You never want to share you client info with anyone.


Have you ever bothered to reasearch the FEDERAL LAWS regarding your responsibilities to safeguard your clients personal information? No? Most inspectors haven’t. I would strongly urge you to do so!!


Thanks for the info guys!


And to add to it…NEVER!

They called me for the longest, and it was usually at a bad time. Apparently I was eventually rude enough for them to quit calling.

What are your thoughts about asking the client if they are interested in a security system and if they are connect them with the security provider?

Why would you want to do that, Jesse?

Feel like this way I am only passing along a client contact if the client is interested and I could make $200.

Jesse, IMO this is unethical and in conflict with the code of ethics.


Do it if you want .
It just makes the inspection process more complicated than it already is.
Stick to finding and doing inspections.

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Can anyone that has participated with the referral program with Secure24 describe their experience? Have you received any payouts?


Better Business Bureau is advising consumers to use caution when considering doing business with Secure 24.

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I had a hard time with getting a security company to quit calling me. The guy was annoying and always managed to call at a bad time. I believe that’s it’s a conflict of interest and found out that the guy decided to target the agents that I was working with who weren’t appreciative either.

I never used those types of things over the years and I’m glad that I didn’t and so were my clients, without knowing it. :smile:

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I had a difficult time trying to stop the calls as well, I can only assume it is the same for our clients. I don’t want to be associated with that!

But I highly recommend my competition participates in the program :grinning:

Yikes!!! Thank you.