Hi …Just curious as a client asked me tonight about referring a good Structural Engineer and after all these years still have not had enough feed back to give out a name with complete confidence.
I do have several contractors I refer but must feel they are excellent before handing out a name.
I also ask the client not to mention me as I do not want any perceived conflict of interest.

My question is simple .
Do you give out referrals to clients ?

Sure occasionally.Never nothing in in it for me. Just folks I would use myself. Someone asks me a question and I have an answer I do not hold out. I tell folks what I know if asked. Electricians, A/C, Roofers etc… I always tell them to get other estimates and quotes just to cover my a s s .

Clients from out of town often ask for all sorts of referrals (good pizza shop, local veterinarian, maid service, etc). I don’t see any issue in helping them by sharing what you know.

I have a select list of contractors I will refer. They are only on that list because I have personally used them or worked along side them, and seen not only their work product but their work ethic.

I certainly will, I also tell them to ask me even way after they close on the house. The advantage here is, if they call you for referrals to whoever, carpet cleaner, plumber, or anyone, you’re top of mind present. You are more likely to be remembered for inspections too. What does it cost 2 minutes on the phone? Good investment.

I don’t.

I will refer someone if I know they do good, but as Micheal suggests always recommend the client to due their do diligence and price out a second option and look into references. If they can find someone better, all the power to them and let me know for next time.

I was thinking of making a list to hand out but feel that is going to far for some reason.

Why bother?

it will make folks think you are getting something out of it instead of offering them something for nothing.

I have been thinking lately that I will quit doing so. I have always told those that I refer that since I referred them that I expect them to act very professional. Recently I referred someone who returned the client’s call quick enough but really drug his feet on getting the bid to the client. So slow that the client and her agent both mentioned it to me and the client had already hired someone else before he got the bid to her. Since I am the one who referred him I feel that this reflects poorly on me. I am giving referrals less and less…

You don’t want a list, you want them to save YOUR number to call.

Unless its a list in a book with your logo on it, that they can keep.

If you are not being paid for the referral and are merely providing the information as a courtesy, the potential liability is low. However if you refer someone to a contractor who you know is not qualified, you could be liable on a theory of a negligent referral. I would only refer to someone I had complete confidence in.

Even though I say this, this strikes me as one of those situations where the old maxim “No good deed goes unpunished” might come into play. If the customer is unhappy with the person I referred him to, I will get the blame.

Guess you better not guess.
Not a good idea to refer out of the yellow pages.
That being said clients love high end service.

Learn from Agents who are ahead of us in marketing skills.

I don’t exactly for that reason, all of a sudden I get calls stating "Your guy was late today’! My guy? Who? The electrician! All of a sudden my referal becomes a reflection on me. I work hard for my reputation, I don’t need someone who is NOT benefitting me in any way to tarnish it.

That is why I keep seperation.
Do not have referrals listed on sites but may need to check and make sure .

Certain contractors have a very good rep and it is no issue to refer them however.

I will only refer when asked. Don’t customarily give out a list. And, always without exception advise the client to gather several quotes for any work. And if they happen to go with someone I referred, I would appreciate their feedback in order to better gauge whether to continue referring that person in the future.


I refer them to Realtor when asked.

Agent knows best ?..:slight_smile:

Agreed! That is why IF you choose to hand out a name, like I do, you make sure the guy is a real pro. From workmanship, all the way to having the same customer service and call returning emphasis, I do.