HomeAdvisor Proposal


Being a freshly minted inspector I would like to get your feed back on this. I was approached by HomeAdvisor to join their referral program.

It involves a 300.00 fee(yearly) plus 20.00"finder’s fee" for each referral.

This smells like it violates the SOP, but if it didn’t, would it be worth it.

Interested in your feedback.

Thanks in Advance


Read the links.

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How So?

Use this


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You’d be better to spend that money on your own marketing.
I was approached like that a few times and once I talked to them and they said that if I follow a lead of theirs that charge gets deducted right out of you checking account.
No way hose’. I left it at that an never got bothered again with that.
That yearly fee must be something new. I wasn’t told that years ago.

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I would rather do my own marketing.

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Run! The concept of paying for a ‘lead’ is horrible. I would gladly pay for a lead that turns into a job, but an unqualified lead could be asking for a $10 inspection or want to know how to hang a smoke detector. Never pay for leads from companies that call you up - in fact avoid anyone that calls you up telling you how they can make you money by PAYING them, they are just preying on newly minted or desperate inspectors.


Home advisor and Angie’s List gather information from anyone who finds their page through an internet search looking for pricing for services. They promise people free quotes from several screened professionals so people enter their info just to get the free quote. Every pro they send the contact info to is charged $20-$30 for that home inspection lead. You pay wther you win the job or not.
These companies are simply a middle man getting between you and your potential customers’ organic searches. If they did not exist, those searches would lead directly to your web page, not to Home Advisor or Angie’s List. Do not support this scam by joining. Take it from someone who tried it and found out the hard way. (expensive way).

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Yes, a rip off is what they are!


Block their number. They will hound you relentlessly.


Home Advisor and Angie’s List are one in the same now. This was the same bunch that signed on my 17-year-old son as a licensed, vetted professional. After I found out and inserted my boot in his butt to stop the damage, Home Advisor threatened to send him to collections for the $800ish in BS leads they sent him. I responded on his behalf as professionally as I could think of at the time, something along the lines of “go f___k yourselves!” Anyway, they still manage to solicit me from time to time even now, and every time I see one of their ads it makes me pissed. You can’t get far enough away from these ass clowns!


They spoof phone numbers so that no longer works. They are truly bottom feeders!

The fact that they have to spoof numbers is proof in itself of how much of a scam they are.

Thanks for the input.