Home Surge Protectors

If one was to have a surge protector installed for there home, what minimum should one consider for protection and cost of unit.

… are these devices even necessary along side with current grounding methods in a new home - less than 1 year.

Thoughts please.

You can’t have too much grounding. You should then get a panel protector (something like this or better DTK-240-3CM) and point of use protectors for your PCs and TVs that pick up the inputs (cableTV, antenna or phone along with power).
Make sure all of your providers have protection on their cables coming into the house and that they also use the same ground electrode system as the electrical service. If they drove their own rod, bond it to your service GEC with a #6 minimum.

Agreed…Remember the grounding system of your dwelling will hopefully prevent a fire but it wont prevent your systems within your dwelling from being toast.

Getting a SPD is a good choice…you are looking at about 125.00 to 300.00 depending on the unit you buy.

Eaton makes a model called “SurgeTrap” which mounts on the side of your panel…keep the leads as short as possible ( 12" or less )…on a 2-pole 15A breaker…

Thanks, great input.

Hi Steve
Last spring lightning hit my neighbor’s property. It must have hit the ground somewhere since there were no outward signs on his house. His house is five years old. It went through his wiring and set a truss on fire in the attic. The fire department were called and were able to put it out with quite a bit of damage.
Being next door, I lost all my electronics. Some were on a surge protector but the protector didn’t trip. I called the surge protector company and was told to mail it to them for testing. They later advised me that the protector checked out perfectly. They claimed that surge protectors will not protect against violent lightning strikes. They are made to protect against surges that occur when the grid comes back up after a power outage.
I guess the bottom line is to confirm with the company that what you are buying is designed to handle a lightning strike.

Remember…the SPD may help with in-direct strikes and surges …but it wont save electronics in a direct strike…the Grounding may prevent a fire at the home…but electronics are likely toast.