Whole house surge protectors

**I have sometimes seen the whole house surge protectors that are installed behind the electric meter at the exterior. I was wondering if any of the electric gurus have an opinion on how effective these units are or if they are a waste of $$. The phone and cable are attached to these units also. The local utility will installed the unit and charge $10 a month. What are the facts and what are your opinions. **

We have one on our house and it has protected us a couple of times–we think.

It’s difficult to be sure, but we would recommend that everyone have one.

Of course, my wife is a Senior IT Data Base Administrator with Duke Energy…but of course, that wouldn’t influence our recommendation.:):slight_smile:

yes they work. Now, I dont know about paying $10.00 a month to the POCO for this but I would always suggest to people a Type 2 SPD (TVSS) at the electrical panel and a Type 3 (TVSSs) at the equipment for a two-step level of protection. The ones we see outside many times at the service drop or on the meter side are Type 1 SPD’s (lighting arrestors) and it fine…but I believe Type 2 and Type 3 are the most important and do not require a monthly fee to have that needed protection.


We paid $150 up front 3 years ago with no monthly fee, and yearly check-up included.