Home Warrenty for Inspection Clients

Hello All. I hope this post finds everyone doing well during these times. My question. IF you offer an extended warranty on appliances for your clients, which company do you use? Thanks. David

I don’t offer “Home Warranties” as I think they are generally a scam and a ripoff…
IF you decide to use them, you should ALWAYS read the “Fine print” to see what is covered and for how long, and if offering them with your inspection business… check your state laws (insurance products), and the Privacy Policies of ALL third parties involved!!
Example: I have personally not seen a warranty that covers ANY appliance beyond 10 years!!
Yes, there may be exceptions, but I have never seen one.

Caveat Emptor!!


I have never offered a warranty. I feel this is an area best left to the sales agent. just my opinion…


Its my belief these gimmicks are just that. Home binder, porch repair, recallchek…they are all bs gimmicks that drain you of your hard earned money. I tried most of them, they are all crap that none of my clients found useful.


Unless you want a constant hassle of clients calling you or contacting you because their warranty coverage was refused you may want to think twice about offering any warranties. Especially with appliances.


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Evening, David.
Hope this post finds you well.
RWS 90 Day Warranty comes to mind.

Appliances warranties are mandated and provided for by the manufacturer. Serial/Model numbers are required.
You can do your own search but I used RWS when I inspected appliances. I think it was $5.00 per 5 appliances but that was some time ago.

Good luck.

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As stated above, leave the warranties to the agents to negotiate with the clients and deal with.


Thanks everyone for the advise.

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