Offering warranties on inspections- need information

I’m thinking of offering a warranty on inspections, where if anything we inspect in the house breaks within the first 6 months after the home purchase is complete, it would be covered under this warranty. I’ve heard of other home inspectors offering this sort of thing, but I am not really sure where to go/how to start researching. Does anyone have any links or information on this that might be helpful? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

This temporary insanity will pass.

Just continue to build your business upon providing your client with a complete, accurate and unbiased description of their property. No need to get suicidal at this early stage. :wink:

You are no different the I and many others are trying to get started .Discount coupons , Donuts to agents going to open houses .
If you go back in the Archives you can see lots of Ideas . Many listen to the experienced Homie’s and other do not , I say do not , as Jim says
("This temporary insanity will pass. ")and I agree.
All the best Roy Cooke .

Are you ready after that $300.00 inspection fee you got to fix that 2k water heater and 3k furnace 5 months after the closing ? Hows that Leaky roof going for ya? oh yeah that deck handrail is quite loose can you fix that when you get done replacing the springs on the garage door?

Get the point ?


Home Gauge inspection software offers an option warranty service for purchase. I don’t know any more about it then what is listed on their web site.
One Year Home Warranty that helps protect the Home Inspector!

Without HG Services: no help
With HG Services: Your customer has access to purchase a one year warranty that will (get this) cover the item that failed if you passed it during the inspection! Most warranties do NOT cover pre-existing, but the warranty we offer through Global Home USA will cover the item provided the inspector passed it. It’s called “Undetected Pre-Existing” and provides the best coverage and more coverage for your customer. It adds another layer of protection to you and your inspection company!

**Marketing benefits of our one year home warranty by Global Home USA: **
Agents and customers will know they can get a better warranty with better coverage if they use you because this warranty requires a home inspection! You heard that right. In order to get this warranty you must have your home inspected first! Now you can add another service to your inspection business and offer it to your neighborhood without the need of a real estate sale. Any homeowner can get this warranty if they have a home inspection. Read more!

What is this ? Some sort of rookie virus going around.
Bad online advise somewhere.?

Damn guys how many newbies does it take to ruin a profession ?

Next time send them over here for advise…

I recently had a client purchase this coverage on a quad I inspected. Not sure if it’ll catch on or not, just another HG service.

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]The new Home Inspector today is no different then when I started in 1999 or when my son started in 1984 . [/size][/FONT]
We all came in with what we thought where great ideas and found out what the truth is.
The best we can do is share our information and hope they listen.
We still see about 90%~ not lasting three years .
Roy Cooke

Yeah that is true.
I learned long ago it is just hard work and growth through referral which can only be achieved by time.
Gimicks look and smell like gimicks and make us seem like Used Car Salesmen.
People are not stupid.

Robert, it would be interesting to see how many of these Home Gauge sells and how well it is supported when the need comes up.

I offered a six month warranty when I first started. Stupidest thing I have ever done. It also covered inspected appliances. In the first 8 months I replaced a dishwasher, fixed a stove and replaced a water heater. When I started I only did about 10-12 a month so I did not have alot of money to be giving back. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER offer it again.:mrgreen::roll:

Forget the warranties, coupons, and gimmicks - haven’t worked for me.

Dang Bob. You have home owners coming out of the woodwork over at your active rain post.

I think it depends on the quality of your inspection and your buyers expectation level

Home Warranty companies collectively have pretty dismal customer satisfaction ratings. Why would you want to associate yourself with one of them?

You certainly don’t want to contemplate underwriting the cost of repairs directly from your own pocket either.

If you are any good and destined to remain in business, the reputation that you build will be your single most valuable marketing asset. Never place your reputation in the hands of a third party that you have not thoroughly vetted, if at all.

I include the 100 day warranty and recallchek with all my home inspections (I am in my 6th year as a full time business) and it is included in my costings. The client had that added assurance that everything is OK. Had a claim on day 96 about the microwave (not covered by the warranty) but replaced it anyway. Client was so impressed that I have more than recovered the cost due to their referrals. As for the Recallchek, inspected a fully furnished short term rental, report came back that the refrigerator model in the house had had 41 reports of overheating and some had resulted in fires. Buyer called the 800 number and company sent a technician to repair at zero cost, more referrals come in. Do you need to add these things, no. Are they of benefit, can be. It’s all up to you.

Adding a warranty to your low prices? … you are already killing yourself.

Don’t worry Greg, he won’t be killing himself. He states on his website video that his inspections last from 1.5 to 2 hours. That is about half the time I spend on mine.

Hans, We have monthly NACHI Denver chapter meetings that you are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

One of the reasons inspectors offer warranties is that they do not trust themselves. Two hours is not enough time for even a walk-through.

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