HomeAdvisor offers InterNACHI members a deal

And the verdict is?

I’m sorry Nick. I cannot endorse this. Since you asked for feedback, here it is: Their website is designed to get people who are just curious to put in their information. They make it hard to get basic information without submitting a request. Then this “request” goes to about 4 businesses. Then they systematically deny credit for leads that don’t respond. The HI business is a bit different from the remodeling and handyman business. The one success above is basically saying he is building his business from 12-month Inspections. You don’t need HA to do that. If you can get the following, then it MIGHT possibly be worth it: PAY ONLY FOR LEADS WHERE YOU GET TO DISCUSS THE PROJECT WITH THE POTENTIAL CLIENT. How else do you know it’s a legitimate lead. I say MIGHT because a company’s integrity is important to building a relationship. Their practices need further investigation. For example, they will say a client has chosen you to discuss their project. One representative admitted to me that it was computer generated after I could never reach the client! How can he have chosen me and then be unreachable? HA is devaluing our business! Additionally, that is not a deal. That is what they quoted me without InterNACHI. Do you really want to build your business on people who are only looking for the cheapest inspector? Insurance (multiple types needed), professional organization fees, taxes, business license, equipment, time to write reports, report-writing software, continuing education costs, taking time to answer questions—good quality service costs! I just did a roof inspection (and I checked the attic, walked the accessible part (meaning time to put up and take down a ladder), used binoculars and a drone, spent time talking to the client in small talk all in less than 1-1/2 hours. It will take about 30 minutes to do the report. In 2 hours I will make over half the fee if I had inspected the entire house! The broad range of knowledge needed to do a proper inspection, the amount of things checked, is not in proportion to the fee. I would like to see InterNACHI put more effort into raising awareness of this. P&G just announced they are raising the price of diapers (babies and adults) due to costs increases. Why have HI fees been flat (some have had to reduce to compete)? Our costs have risen. So that means we take the hit. Please do more to raise the value and respect of home inspectors!


Nick, Why would you get InterNachi involved with a company who is in a class action lawsuit?

Why would you encourage inspectors to do business with a company that sells the same leads to multiple inspectors?

Why don’t you do what I did with Porch and convince their CEO to give leads free to home inspectors?

If a Po Dunk inspector can get that deal from Porch then certainly the founder of InterNachi, who is one of the smartest guys I know, can get a similar deal from HA.

Worst case scenario tell HA that inspectors will give them a $20 fee for a job not a lead.

If they changed their business model to paying for jobs then I would sign up for that, but paying for the same lead they give 20 other inspectors is terrible!!!

Think about that on a national scale…think about the amount of money paying for the same lead takes out of the home inspection industry.

Many of your members have been burned by HA and speak out against them and now you are promoting this deal and the new and naive inspectors are going to get burned!!

You are a better negotiator than what this deal portrays. All this deal does is stops inspectors from wasting money on the front end and allows them to waste it on the back end.

Please go back and renegotiate the deal to a pay for a job program, not a pay for a lead program.


Home Advisors need home inspectors. It’s not that we need them. Don’t make the industry a slave to profit seekers!


Nick -why hasn’t NACHI just taken this over from HA? Everyone here on this forum can see all of the info about HA and how unethical they are, there are many posts about it. I am a member of the class action suit against them. It seems to me that NACHI has the resources and could start it’s own version of HA just for the inspection categories, and take that power away from HA. Have you ever considered something like that?


I didn’t know HA offered such services.
Hm…:thinking: As long as it is a legal establishment, the worker are routinely medically tested, and of course meets my prerequisites, I see nothing wrong.

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Lots of folks getting their panties in a bunch for a service they don’t use. If HA isn’t a good fit for you don’t use it! If it works for you than you get a discount.


Top 1,129 HomeAdvisor Reviews - ConsumerAffairs.com. Rating: 4.6. Not bad.

Is Home Advisor - Home Stars in Canada? Do you vet them as well?

Lots of folks have used them, and have been soured by the entire experience. They have been hounding our industry for many, many years, including their previous entity “Service Magic”.

Search the archives for the older posts, and for the companies historical averages for client (HI) satisfaction. It routinely became a difficult program to cancel, and the results did not align with initial promises or projections.


Like I said they don’t use them. It’s a free world you can choose whichever service you like. I’ve been burned by Google ads I no longer use them however many on this forum rave about Google ads.

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Nick I agree with the $20 fee for jobs won. You have thousands of Inspectors here that would sign up today and use HA to fill in their schedule. Get us that deal. Please


I would back payment for a job won. Nothing else.


Martin, you may be missing something. This is an association. So, deals should be leverage for the good of the association which has a part of its goal to help and support the inspectors as a whole.


I didn’t miss that at all Robert it looks like a 20% discount would benefit the association.

The largest home inspection company in my area that has multiple home inspectors uses Home Advisor. It may be that this service works in some markets and doesn’t work well in others. It works just fine for me.

I am curious. I would want to know how many inspectors get the same lead. Here in Atlanta, it might be 40 or 400. In other markets, it might be 5. Without that information (which I tried to obtain from HA with no luck) I backed out.


That’s an excellent observation. I’ve kept my leads turned off this year and customers of Home Advisor select me for a quote. I don’t respond or accept the offer to contact the client and within a day or two they end up calling the business phone. It doesn’t cost me a penny. I’ve manage to use Home Advisor as free advertising. People like the fact that they do a background check and your ratings are verified.

My competition slips on their San Francisco slippers (knee pads) and begs for leads from the REA.


There ya’ go my man!

Question, where do the ratings come from? Google or direct reviews inside HA?

Both. The majority of my clients buy homes from out of state. I think they feel very comfortable using a national company (Home Advisor) to recommend home inspectors in the area they’re purchasing. Background checks and ratings give these clients comfort in knowing they are going to hire somebody they can trust. Like I said for some reason it works in my territory and while others fail.

When I do turn on Home Advisor I’m usually the first or second home inspector my client has spoken with. I urge them to shop around because I’m not the cheapest home inspector in town. I’ve been told I am about 10% to 25% more. If they are price shopping I offer to share a recent home inspection report. I ask them to request the same from my competition. I do have permission from my client to share their report. I do end up winning at least 75 to 90% of my clients. Almost every time I win the contract when my home inspection report is compared to my competition.


Apparently, that is not the case with most of the HI on here. They are upset about paying for bad leads. It appears HA saturates markets with too many vendors.

Thanks for the information.