HomeAdvisor offers InterNACHI members an exclusive deal:


Funny, they called me yesterday and said that deal was exclusively for ASHI members (and why they think I’m still with ASHI, I’m not sure).

Sorry Nick, you’re getting played.

And why would NACHI even want their good name even associated with a company that is being sued for false business practices?

From that link:


InterNACHI members gets 25% off.
ASHI members get 50% off.

For an organization that

Class Action lawsuit against HomeAdvisor

This really diminishes the value to InterNACHI partners that actually take care of members.

I have to agree with Ian. This company is a sham. Just google their name and a lot of complaints appear. They also changed their name. They were previously called ServiceMagic. That company didn’t have a good reputation either. I would guess they got too many lawsuits and then changed the name. I put them in the same category as Townsquare Media. I had a bad experience with Townsquare but I never used Homeadvisor(did my homework first). To all my fellow inspectors, stay away from both.

I do not trust or like them.
Nick knows exactly what’s up & down with them I’m sure.

HomeAdvisor responds:

Is receiving a deal on an untrustworthy company still a deal?

This doesn’t affect me or my company because I will never use their services but I’m sure that there are newer companies out there that are desperate for work and will try almost anything that comes down the pipe.

Buyer Beware.

Nick, I cannot believe that you would use InterNACHI and HomeAdviser in the same sentence. Let alone promote them.

Some get the purpose of the message board, some don’t. I can keep explaining it for you but I can’t understand it for you.

I understand its purpose, that’s why I commented, hoping anyone thinking of using HomeAdvisor will read it. Before they get suckered.

In other words:

Hi, we got caught in a lie, and now we’ll cover it up with another lie.

Doesn’t change Home Advisor called me telling me they have partnered with ASHI with a special deal…


I have tried them and continued to get false leads with things such as number disconnected or could not get an answer, they said that I could get credit for things such as that and then would refuse to give me the credit so I refuse to use them any more, I do better without home advisor

If Dr Kevorkian was still around can you imagine the Deal Nick would get us??

I’m a big fan of Dr. Kevorkian. He helped on of my friends die many years ago. She had cancer.

Tha deal of a lifetime. :twisted:

I am no fan of Home Advisor and if a friend asked I would suggest they would stay away.
Yes you will get some leads but you will get even more garbage.
On the other hand it works for some people.

If you do try them get a throw away credit card so you can turn off the leads but expect dunning letters and calls for quitting.

When you go into business you learn to read a good offer or not, although it would be nice for Internachi to refuse some dubious vendors it doesn’t and maybe for legal reasons should not.

Buyer beware is one of the laws of business.
Personally I would spent my marketing dollars elsewhere.

Not for legal reasons. You’re close though. Actually, you’re so close you’re sitting on top of it. :wink:

Very Dissatisfied With This Service.

  1. Several Leads “Bogus”. I actually called a police department! Embarrassing.
  2. They lack of integrity and professionalism. No response on credit for bogus calls, they automatically deduct from your account. “Basically stealing your money”.
  3. I would never recommend this company to anyone. :mad: