HomeGauge Down Again

In Houston. Been trying to pull up HG for 1 hr / No luck.

2nd time in a month. Anybody know whats going on with them?

Why do we need 4+ threads for this?

I did 3 reports at around 6-8 CST and had no problems.

Hi Dan,
Actually are server back ups occur around 11:pm once or twice a week and slows down during this process and because we are growing we plan to switch to another server first of June to be announced. FYI Our reports storage server actually backs up every day. This back up is a redundant back up.

Dan, in the future you can send an email to support@homegauge.com for a quicker response than posting here.

Thanks to Nick for emailing me!!!

Yeah really…I was in a bind once and merely posted on the HG forum and had a phone call within 15 minutes. You have to ask for help to get help…

If we have to take InterNACHI offline for even 10 minutes, the phones go crazy.

Russell -

Thanks / each time this has happened I’ve been on a out of time … timeline and looking for answers ASAP. So I wanta see if others are having this issue OR its just my HG