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We got an email from HomeGauge today that if I read it correctly says they’re going to send a survey OUT to our clients and realtors after an inspection so they can rate us.

I’m hoping I’m reading this WRONG, because HG nor ANYBODY has MY permission to SEND anything to MY clients, etc. I consider that a MAJOR intrusion on MY privacy AND that of anybody I work with.

I’m NOT in ANY way interested in the who, what, why’s of this - Its just a SIMPLE straight-forward / HELL NO!

Anybody else seen this? Am I reading it wrong?

I believe that you read it wrong.

Info here : Home Guage Newsletter

Hey Dan, I like it. You are the ONLY one that sees the survey. You have the option to turn it off on your dashboard. You can use the positive comments on your website if desired and use any negatives as a learning tool for improvements to your service(s). http://www.homegauge.com/inspector/shgi/newsalerts.html (2nd paragraph)

I’ve seen a lot of questions on how to conduct surveys on this BB. Just a tool to use if desired.

The option should be to turn it on, if desired. IMO

Larry - I’m with you 100%

Where OR How do you turn this crap off??

IF I want a SURVEY sent to MY customers or a real estate agent / I’ll do it myself.

I DO NOT want anybody contacting my customers AND I market my services AS being independent.

I don’t want ANYBODY thinking I am SOLICITING opinions on MY SERVICES, BECAUSE I’m NOT …

I DON’T ever want to think my software PROVIDER has taken it upon themselves to send SURVEYS out that I would NEVER want done.

You can go to your dash board and click on gauge results and then detailed gauge stats and then there is an option to turn it off.
I would leave it on, sometimes it nice to know what you don’t know. I give Russell and guys a thumbs up… again.:smiley:

Thanks Guys for reading the info on it before you post. Dan, I do not own this board, you sent me an email, its hard for me to go around and redirect you to me. My email is russell@homegauge.com

You don’t have to, but if you will read the news alert carefully, you’ll see its not sent to your customers, its not about asking them questions (net promoter score link explains), you can turn it off and never know what they really think.


Let me put it in terms everybody can understand:
The survey is on the Home Guage site where your client goes to download their report.:wink:

Hey I like this idea. I’ve just added a few more testimonials to me site. :smiley:

Good deal Vince! I like it too;-)