Homegauge websites ??

Has anyone had Homegauge build their website for them ? If so could you please respond with your site address so I can review their quality and layout. I am thinking about buying their package that includes the report software, web building and hosting & etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Here’s a link to some sites we have built. You can email Kristin at HomeGauge for more links.


Does HG also host the SD sites?

We host the inspector’s website after we build it in WordPress.
$25 a month includes access to our support and staff

Is the inspector able to alter and maintain the site with no special knowledge?

It depends upon the person. We give you an admin sign in and you can edit away once you know how. There are lots of videos on how to using WordPress on Youtube.

Here is one from Kate one of our website developers which should help you understand how to edit your site once we build it. You can always call in too for help.

Russell’s people do awesome websites! In my opinion their hosting fees are too high though. Let them build it but get a different host…

Thanks George for the compliment about our ability! We are high compared to the bulk hosting sites. We charge $25 a month. But, if you think about the personalized service, the ability to call in and get help with people who care about this small industry and our reputation, you get a heck of deal at $25 a month. Phone support is included and many times an inspector tries to make an edit and when stuck or needs help fixing it, we are there. That makes $25 a month a value!

Go daddy $60 per year unlimited websites. Not who I am currently using but just saying. …
HG’'S websites are the stuff though.

Are HG websites optimized for mobile? HIP websites are not.

Yes our websites for inspection companies are built in WordPress and are optimized for mobile.

Our report delivery to agents and customers “Web Presentations” are optimized for mobile.

Videos included in your reports work in mobile devices too.

Thanks for the thread I found this discuss useful. As I’m considering having someone build a website as well.