I am going to get a website this year anybody have any suggestions about who to go to to design my site without breaking the bank.Thanks David

Hands down Dominic if He gets the time.
His hosting service will be up and running soon.
Robert H does good work too from what I have seen.
Many places come with easy to use templates .

I look at it this way. If you are not inspecting or marketing everyday, you have time to do it yourself. If you don’t have time because you are so busy, you don’t need it.

Try downloading a trial of Site Spinner and give it a try yourself during a slow day or evening. Pretty easy software and only $49.

Dom at Home Inspector Pro may also be able to give you a hand with his new hosting and website program.

Good luck.

Our new hosting service should be ready in the next week or so. It’s an easy to use DIY setup and will be very inexpensive. \

There will be a NACHI.TV episode to launch it off coming soon :smiley:

You are welcome to try our website builder for free. Just sign up at under inspector. Check the Platinum service. After signing in click on the “My Website link” There you can build a website in minutes and with no web experience necessary. Call us toll free for questions.

You can use any software you want for the report upload. Have agents and buyers come to your website to pick up the report.

My only advice on having a custom website created is that its up front cost is expensive, and if the web person becomes busy, they can delay in responding to your request to tweak or change things and may charge extra for that. A website is never done and so you will want to discuss changes, how often, how much etc.

If you want to be found on web searches let the pro’s like Dominic do it

Thanks guys, I appreciate you putting the word out :slight_smile: Our DIY sites should be ready next week. We have a group of testers setting up sites right now (Bob is one of them). The cost is going to be very inexpensive. David, send me a pm if you’re interested.


Hi dominic,
I am interested in the cost to set up a website and hosting it.
Thanks David

Hi David,

I sent a pm to you but I think you’re logging into the system with a different account now (notice your first post says your an InterNACHI member and this one doesn’t). I’ll send you a pm to this account, you can also email me at