Homeowner thought he heard water running

There was about 8 inches of water in this crawlspace. The sump pump was inoperable, plumbing pulled apart and theres a small floor drain in a makeshift bathroom that drains directly into the crawlspace. Homeowner stated he cut the floor joist to route the plumbing and does not think there is a problem.






That is some fine work…I would say good find…but all you had to do was go into the crawlspace to find that eh? Still a good find as a good bunch of guys don’t go in crawlspaces…

Of course…probably could have heard and seen most of that from the hatch…

Yuck…congrats on worst crawlspace award of the week.

I looked up “condemned house” in the HI dictionary.

There was a photo of this crawlspace!

Hope you were wearing a HAZMAT suit!

Gee, looks like something that was done on that 3 stooges “plumbing” episode! Anybody remember that one?

You went into that crawlspace? Did you have scuba gear? I’ll go into a muddy crawlspace (was in one today), but will not wade through one.

Robert, I don’t know whether to admire you or call you crazy. Both I guess. Great finds, you served your clients well. I think some of those pipes were chewed off by crocodiles.


Hey Chris! you got it, that’s the one I was talking about. Looks like that type of plumbing is still alive and well even today!

Homeowner saw a draft diverter and carried the design right though to plumbing pipes.

Tony you practicing for the convention eh?:shock:

wow only in America!:wink:

Gary showed us his suit. I want to know what you were wearing when you went into that crawl space.

I wasn’t wearing anything special, just coverall and boots, there was a section near all of the plumbing that was high and damp, no standing water. I did not wade into the unknown. The crawl access was from the outside of the home, I pulled the cover (door) off and was able to get into the crawl, there was an area that was about 8 foot by 6 foot that did not have any water, that is where I stayed.

Should have worn a dry suit…brrrr.

As for the “eh”…I picked that up fishing at Lac Berthelot in Senneterre/QB…haven’t gotten rid of it.