Would You?

Here is a crawlspace that I was to inspect. I refused to go in and inspect it. Would you? Why? Or Why not?



I don’t swim in underground pools or caves.

I am with Tony on this one!

Absolutely not, you don’t know if there may be wiring defects under there that could cause shock and the dreaded not alive anymore thing, Basically I think you are covered under the SOP as far as not entering an area you may deem dangerous, (not exact wording I’m sure) This is where one of those remote control vehicles with the lights and camera would sure come in handy that someone had posted on here before

Unfortunately…that vehicle would have to be a boat or hovercraft :wink:

:smiley: there you have it!

Ya, I probably go.

There appears to be plenty of headroom to waddle around in my boots and I be watchful but crawl spaces tell too much of a story not to go if you feel safe enough.:wink:

How’d you get the pic of that nice pump and pressure guage?

You went in a tad farther than I would have to take that picture… I think any rational purchaser or seller would agree…'nuff said! :slight_smile:

I hate when that happens.

And, that’s possibly the greatest euphemism for death of all time.

I had a euphemism once–the good doctor gave me some antibiotics and it cleared right up. I’m feeling much better now…

The electrical hazards have already been mentioned but there are many more very unsafe and unhealthy conditions you could and probably encounter under a house with standing water. There could be raw sewage, high mold potential (too many nasty diseases to name at this time) various types of vermin that might inhabit a place like this with the water. I would be really be just as concerned about those health hazards as being electrocuted. Not sure but I might not rather go out in a blaze and a flash of glory than a slow lingering death from a debilitating disease. Bottom line…you did the right thing.

How tall are you?

Not gonna happen!

Barrie, ON, …look on the bright side, it’s warm in there, not frozen

As someone who has been there and done that – It can be done

Protective clothing - turn off the electrical power - work with a partner etc.

Put a lot of $$ on the table

USN damage control training and mess cooking was worse the that.

One must remember that the initial objective was to drain the swamp

I am sure that some of the inspectors in New Orleans find this as a normal day

So what did your client do??


1’ 6"

err…I mean 6’1". :smiley:

No go zone.
I once opened a trap door to a crawlspace only to see water. Turns out the toilet waste line had broken and spilling into the crawl. Not pretty.

If the water was not there I would be inclined to go in, but I carry coveralls for such occassions.

I do go into crawlspaces.

I told them that there is a possibility that there may be exposed wire in the crawlspace.

How can you avoid it? You’re missing a lot. I believe the standards say you should.