Hopeful home inspector in need of advice.

Well after completing class time and inspections i made my way into take the national exam. I passed the state but unfortunately did not pass by a couple of questions. Does anyone know how these things are graded, with simple math i passed yet it says i did not. Also many of the questions were nothing like what i’ve been studying on here or in class which threw me quite a bit. Is there any other good sources out there that will cover how the nation exam is, with more in depth? I’m determined to pass and i’d like some input from any and all inspectors.

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Yours is a common observation about exams in general, and what seem like of-the-wall questions are par for the course. They are that way for a reason; as a measure of one’s general knowledge rather than how well one can recall specifics from educational materials. They want to be sure you have a firm grasp on the concepts. That way, even if they use terms or refer to situations that may seem new to you, you should be able puzzle things out anyway.

For instance, on the state exam I was presented with the term “bollard”. I had never heard or read it before, and had to guess what it was. I combed through my study materials later and could find no mention of it. The reasoning, if there was any, would have been that “bollard” is common enough a term in the industry that I should have known what it was. I do now!

What state are you in?