Horz gas furnace in the attic whats Wrong???

Take your best shot whats wrong???

Lack of 30X30 level platform in front of service panel?

No fat service Tech’s in Okla.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

IRC 1305.1.3

Is that wrong?

I am just making jest yes it was wrong but there is another question that I was trying to bring out try again

Seems I already won :slight_smile:

What about the wire hanging there?

Never mind, I got it.

The venting looked weird to me, not alowed anything more them 45 degree bend.

Is that it?

I’ll give a hint plumbing related???


Electrical supply and lack of large enough platform in front for passage.

Good old JAE is it required???

What say ye about the venting?

Seems you have more then one problem :slight_smile:

I am not a code inspector the vent was performing as intended would I have installed it that way. No they were just trying to get back to the original roof hole. I had no problem with the wiring it was pigtailed to an outlet. There was a permanent light fixture, the platform for working was to small.

What are your thoughts on the dirty leg should be or should not be is the question.

I’m not either, but if it’s wrong, it’s wrong. :slight_smile:

What about the dirty leg lets hear it:roll:

Sorry to annoy you, but you asked what was wrong and I pointed out what I thought. So so far there are a few problems.

As far as the drip leg goes I would say, yes, it requires one.

Not annoyed just playing around went and fed and water the horses in the barn and picked the stalls thought you were reading the IRC:)

The reason I am picking on the dirty leg in this area we do not install dirty legs in any area that is prone to freezing temps. Attics or on outside package gas heat and cooling units, busted dirty legs far out weight any moisture that may enter the gas valve by a lack of a dirty leg.

This may well just be a local thing have never really taken the time to look in the IRC. Would be curious to know about other areas especially up north where it really gets cold.

If its a new unit, most mfgs require a drip leg…no flex line installed

What about the material used to hold the vent pipe. Usually the material they use for the ducting is a vinyl strapping. Was this different? Flammable? Meltable? Is that a word? :shock:

Huh? What do “dirty legs” have to do with moisture? I thought they were for sediment in the gas supply. There’s moisture everywhere, so what would a “dirty leg” do?

Nonetheless, check with your local gas supply company. Here in San Diego they are not required.