under pressure.

I could not follow this ducting
Natural Gas furnace. Combination heat pump.
The ducting was blowing a large quantity or air into the basement.

It was not hooked up to return to the return Plenum. T
he home was forced air.

The bottom exhaust. # 59389
Allot of air was being introduced into the basement.

Lots of writing. No drip leg for the hot water gas, the exhaust was next to the intake oxygen for the hot water pilot.

no time to et serial numbers or many photos. The owner kicked me out.

Thanks in advance.

It sure as hell better not be!

I see a drip leg. Was this another water heater?

Then why are you writing a report?

Who said I am writing a report?

I asked a question still unanswered.
Do you know David you the ducting is blowing air into the basement.
I was about to do a CFM but as explained all I kept on hearing was HURRY, UP,HURRY UP .