Hot Breaker


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Note: Turn off Arc Welder prior to taking breaker temps. :p:D

A little more info for you Jeffery.

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Time for a cold one!!:wink:

Thankfull they had left the AC on at 85 when I got to the house.

I have been slightly amused in the past with some of the “Hot Breaker” posts, and had some free time today. :D;)

Here’s the other extreme…go figure!


WTF is going on there???

Stay out of the freezer or did you run from the freezer with the trigger held down? :shock:

No, I really couldn’t quite get the details of this one figured out. There was no doubt the system had a dirty, clogged filter that was somewhat impeding the airflow bringing the temps down but I just couldn’t believe to that degree (pun intended :smiley: ). I took numerous readings over several minutes at a couple of registers and got pretty much the same thing. I took the filter out for a few minutes and the temps stabilized at a more believable level. It still got written up though.

You know Brian, when I first read your post I thought, “Okay, what’s the big deal? Looks okay to me. You are in AZ, dontcha know”. Then I thought, “Brian must have found ‘something’ of interest to bring this to our attention”. I was soo looking forward to another of your “enlightening” finds.

Shoulda’ stuck with my instincts.

Now, quit yer bitchin’ and get back to work!!! :p:D


Was the condenser over-sized?

I surprised there were no icicles hanging from that register…

No, didn’t appear to be significantly over-sized…4-ton unit for a not-well insulated, 1969 single level, ~ 2,000 sf home. I should have gotten my analog thermometer to confirm that reading but I didn’t think to do that. I’m just not convinced the IR thermometer was reading accurately but it worked normally at other places in the home & outside as well.

R-22 is not capable of producing those temps at registers, only at the coils when under charged.

Hey…Thats pretty cool compared to the temp we had to endure while at a baseball tourney in your state a few weeks ago…

Now those are some “Hot Pics”.

Do you often do inspections on Venus? :wink: