Master Chief

Hi Doug Need to know the make of this A/C unit.:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :shock:

LOL!!! It may take me a little while to narrow it down. Do you need the age and size too? I would give you a green one for that but I have to spread “it” around some more before I can. Great post though. Still laughing. I don’t care who you are, that thar is funny.

Somebody! anybody! Halp this man, he has gotz to get this report out by tomorrow.:wink:

Was not being Nice to my buddy from Fla as he has the warm weather and I have the crap.

Pics not very good my camera was fogging over, or maybe that was me.

Here is the unit with out the blankets the buyer had placed over the unit. Before I went outside he had told me that he drain the water from the unit as he did not want it to freeze up. I’m thinking Water,What water did this guy blow the freon. Then my light came on ground source heat pump installed by a redneck.

This was actually a split system ground source heat pump with controls to route hot water into the condensing coil that were never connected to a heat source running strictly in the A/C mode with an indoor gas fired furnace as the primary source of heat. In essence it was used as a water cooled A/C only.

Im speechless. Did it actually work. It looks pretty thrown together.

No it did not nor the furnace either.