Hot dimmer switch

This has been discussed but anyone know offhand the limit for temp and wattage at a dimmer switch?

Here are a few shots to help.(fluff)



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You’ll have to take the dimmer out and look at the model #. Typical dimmers are rated at 600 watts and 1000 watts. Was this the only dimmer in the box? If there are two or more next to each other, dimmer load is derated.


Also… recommend a licensed electrician to come in and straighten that screw. :slight_smile:


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Thanks ,guessing around 1,000 watts on the dimmer and the others next to it are regular.(see bulb count)
Is 139 degrees normal Jeff?

Yeah that was an issue …:slight_smile:

I’m not sure about a switch but I’ve read that a breaker max is 140. Beyond that it becomes to hot to touch.

Before we had IR Thermometers we had the can you hold your hand on it and count to ten then it was OK .
I know in some cases we learned to count real fast .
This was primary on Motors worked for us 50 years ago .

Interesting read on the subject;

IIRC the Lutron site FAQs used to say that 140 was an acceptable operating temperature.

Dumb Maestro dimmers…the mechanical parts in them seemed to break. They ended up doing nothing when pressed.


Hmmm 140.

Keep in mind that the screw head is an indirect measurement. For the screw head to be that hot, the internals are much hotter.

True… ,the seller said his electrician cleared it but you know how that goes.

Consider the Arrhenius Equation…

Heat causes increased resistance, increased resistance increases heat…

Also primary cause of failure: Heat.

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ScreenHunter_04 May. 17 09.31.jpg

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