Too hot dimmer light switch

Dimmer light switch was on for several hours before i went to turn off and i had to pull my hand away as i felt that heat on my finger tips.
I checked several other switches for reference and all others seemed to be in what i would call a normal range of 70 to 80 degrees
The dimmer switch that was hot serviced a large chandelier over the bed in the master bedroom.

This is fine. 195F is the maximum allowable.

Where are you getting this information from. Please share.
That does not make any sense to me. If the water temp was 195 coming out of your faucet you can get scalded.
I had to pull my hand away from this switch as to not get burned.

UL allows a maximum dimmer temperature of 195 degrees F. Most average around 140 degrees F

The average dimmer operates at approximately 140°F; UL allows a maximum temperature of 195°F. Leviton also noted that there can be excess heat buildup when multiple switches are ganged in a wall box, thus the switches must be derated to compensate.

This was a ganged box with 3 total. Temperature was taken at the cover plate.

Not questioning your statement, but asking so others can learn your resource…
“Where did you get this “allowable” standard from”?

Here it is from Leviton:

They are referencing UL 1472 which I have not read.

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Thanks! :+1:

The Underwriters Laboratories document is UL 1472.