Hot in North Florida

It’s hot as all hell in High Springs Florida at 3:45.
I can’t imagine what the attic is like.


O, Stop complaining. It is 95 at the beach in Maine. Wuss. LOL. :grinning:


Fricken poosey!!
Come to Minnesota with our 40 degree temperature swings!!



That’s Mister puss#y to you JJ. Screw all you guys it’s flipping hot.
I’m sitting here in my Speedos and flip flops. So there !:wink:


200 (8)

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Was 93 in central Maine, now down to 88 and muggy. Relief coming tomorrow.

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It’s up around the head of that screw on top!!

Oh, where’s my eye bleach? :crazy_face:


Nobody told you to visualize him!! You bad!!

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I don’t need to be directed…you bad!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s suppose to hit 117 degrees in Phoenix middle of next week.

That’s crazy even in dry heat. How can anyone function in that heat?

I try to do only one inspection a day in the summer here. And schedule for early start times.

Like before sunrise?? :wink:

How hot does an attic get in those temps? Must need a cooling suit to go up there. LOL

Older houses, it’s nothing to get 135-140 temps in the attic at the peak of the day on those 115-118 days

Bryan does them at night but the neighbors don’t like all the lights… :crazy_face:

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