Heat Index 104 today...

Heat Index 104 today… I’m dreading the attic today .

I’ll be in my pool… :slight_smile:
Hydrate Roy! :smiley:

I usually drink a 1/2 bottler of water before entering and the other 1/2 when I get out.

Be safe Roy. I started carrying in my vehicle a small cooler with gatorade, powerade or water during the summer months.


I just iced mine up.

89 with a pleasent breeze in the Keys this morning :wink:

I’m cool! :mrgreen:

Water is 48F.


The heat is why I HATE doing inspections for a living.

Yep. Miserable.

I hear Sonic needs some help.

Hello Ms.& Mr. Ferrante
I’m Roy and I’m just down the road from you in High Springs.
Reading you and your husbands credentials it looks like some new blood has moved into town .
I am happy! Please take some of the load off me…I’m old!:smiley:
I need the help!..Yep!

U-Haul one-way $19.95 per day.

I know it is a Florida thread but 104 aint nothing. We have had 7 or 8 days in a row over 110. We, of course, have lower humidity until the monsoons hit.