Heat Index 104 today...

Hot in High Springs…Yep!
Slinging sweat !


Hmm… 74 here today. Sweater weather. :slight_smile:

I would let Roy beat my a s s for 74 degrees weather NOW :frowning:

Micky I wouldn’t want to do that…
On second thought…Naw!:twisted:

74 sweater weather. …yep!

I was out playing golf…96 degrees…and loving it!

I guess ot cooled down…except for the real feel of 115!!

I am happy you enjoy this hellish heat. I cannot stand walking through the parking lot to publix :slight_smile:

I did enough New Hampshire 8 month winters to never dislike the heat down here. Even when there’s vapor trails coming of the pavement I’m still grateful for this weather!

Heat (referring to the outside air temperature) is uncomfortable but cold hurts!

You can always put on more clothes or electric ones. Once you are naked then what?

I doubt anyone wants me showing up naked :slight_smile:

It would be nice to wear my long sleeve INSPECTOR shirt once and a while.

Heat index here today is 105…

Love it .
Fla guys bragging about warmer weather all winter then crying in the summer.

Not me the Winters here suck as well :slight_smile:
I like the cool to cold weather.

I do not think I wore a long sleeve shirt once last winter.

Hell, it was 100° here in New Jersey, yesterday! I am not certain of the heat index but I’m sure it was over 110! Florida is about the same temperature as New Jersey, only longer and, no snow!

155 on the roof today and 142 in the attic…all part of my marathon training program!

The rest of you are P****es! :slight_smile:

I hate unvented attics - dead, still, 145 degree attic air sucks - Then throw in the rat fecal and urine smell and I’m ready to cut a hole in the a/c duct — jussa sayin

with my luck it would also be one of those types that keep the thermostat at 90 :frowning: