Free CMI pins are being shipped today.

You’ll all get them next week.

Thanks Nick

Very nice!!




Very cool and much appreciated Nick.


Really nice pin, thank you!!

Got mine yesterday, thank you Inachi. :slight_smile:


Mine arrived yesterday. Nice looking. Thanks Nick.

I wear mine every day. The quality is much better than I expected.

Got mine today, it’s a keeper, thanks Nick!

I lean to the right when I wear it.

It looks great with my name tag, hat, shirt logo, and ID badge (All Master Inspector Free Stuff) Wow!!

And we’re going with the highest quality everything at CMI.

Wow… that is a nice pin. Congrats to all CMI’s for their hard work.

Big thanks to Nick and all the CMI board and staff !!!

Just received my pin today and you are correct it is very sweet…!!!

Thanks again CMIers


More cool CMI stuff coming soon.

Thanks Nick. Got mine today too. I wore it to dinner. Very nice.