Hot PIC of Palin

Oh please don’t post this crap.:roll:

The actual Picture is not Palin.

This is my last chance. She’ll be VP soon and then I can’t be dissin’ her.

I wonder if she hunts wolves with that pellet rifle?

This is where the fake pic came from.

While we are on the subject of fake Sarah PICS…

How bout this one…

What about the nude photo…

Sorry no nude photo’s allowed…

Send me your email and I’ll send it to ya.

The real Sarah…

No sh!t !! :roll:

Are you sure you’re not a private detective? Damn you’re good.

Here is a quote from the person who took the original photo.](
Doctor Casino]( says:
Jim - yes, I took this photograph somewhere to the east of Athens, GA in late Spring/early Summer of 2004. Thanks! Nice piece btw - didn’t realize Crazy Jim Kunstler had picked this up…

If you don’t mind, do you think you could insert a couple of words making it clear that I had nothing to do with the Photoshopping? Credit where credit’s due, after all.
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**Quote: **
Casino says:
Appreciate it. Just glad to make my (extremely indirect and accidental) contribution to political history.

To anyone else reading - I still have misgivings about all this. The tropes being attached to Sarah Palin here - of being unserious and also of being a sexual body rather than a professional intellect - are, not coincidentally, sexist tropes about womanhood generally.
The image is funny to the extent that it plays on something specific to Palin: she is a goofball and more specifically a gun nut who makes lipservice to patriotism (a la American Flag Bikini) while harboring dubious views on fundamental American principles (“Can you tell me how to go about banning a book?”).
But to the extent that it’s a lightweight’s first resort against a female political candidate, it’s odious. The proliferation of lizard-brain responses to/uses of the image is particularly telling.

I’m not quite sure whether I want to start issuing emails asking people to take the image down; at this point it almost seems futile anyway. It’s a third- or fourth-tier meme; as a meme, it can’t really be contained, and as a minor one, it’ll burn itself out soon anyway.
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David since you are not voting and cant choose a side then you should stay out of these threads.:slight_smile:

Got anymore???:mrgreen:


If you monitor these threads closely (which I do see that you have nothing else better to do most of the time) you will see that I changed my mind as soon as Sarah was chosen for VP.

Why don’t you mind your own business, before I make your life miserable.

I can’t help but notice that you are acting like a little baby since I gave you the Red square. Grow the f-uck up.

I did use the little smile icon showing I was just fooling around with you.