Sarah Palin shoots wolves from helicopters?

She sure isn’t doing it for the sport. Anything to make it safer in Alaska for her hubby and his BP thugs.

Exactly, leaves them there to die and their cubs to try and survive with no mother. But she is Pro-life.

Apparently, foxes have been killing wolves for centuries.

Yep. I read where she also wants to lift the protected species protection on polar bears which of course will lead to their quick demise so her BP clan can work in peace. What a frickin nut case. As someone posted yesterday, would you trust this artic house wife to run our country? :shock: :shock: :shock:

I just love it when Nick starts forest fires.
He’s a regular NACHI site pyromaniac!!!

:slight_smile: Gotta keep the board rollin’.

Damn! She’s a good shot!:smiley:

Well it just goes to prove that Sarah is off target & a poor choice for VP as everyone has painfully learned that the wolves which can be shot from a helicopter are not nearly as politically dangerous than the one home screwing your daughter. :mrgreen:

Glad she chose not to have an abortion! :slight_smile:

You all are so stupid

Yes, mom did say that the baby was hers - her daughter’s baby to be is a cover up - the daughter will eather have a miscarriage or they will find a friends baby at the right time that will become the new “grand baby”

Can’t you all see politics at work - It is all about getting the votes - The dems got fished in on this one to the point that their pres choice stated that his mom had him when she was 18

Now we both parties will try to get mileage at the expense of the kids

Only in America can one party think up such a political stunt -


I wish the press would have just left it alone. But then again then press is what it is!:roll:


Don’t you think that sometimes real life is stranger than fiction? Here is a prime example where you should not attribute to malice that which can be just as easily attributed to stupidity and… Raging Alaskan hormones. :wink:

It is not called an abortion for the pro life group it is called a miscarriage

Get this and get this correct once and once for all

PRO CHOICE IS NOT ABORTION it is just what it say it is choice – One makes the choice to have intercourse and we do not call it something that the law says that we must do

It is the choice that one makes - be it intercourse or terminating a pregnancy

So get a life -

I am sure some of you think it is wrong to have intercourse when it is known that a baby is on the way because it is not intercourse to make a baby - god only wants you to have intercourse to have a baby and he does not want you to have any education on how not to get pregnant from any one other than you parents who are not up to date on the subject

The 40 plus woman made a choice - her daughter made a choice

I am glad that in the good old USA they were legal to MAKE A CHOICE now they must live with it

One baby that is disabled and one that will result in a very young marriage

Not my wife and my choice and not ones that my two grown kids would have made but we and they were raised a little different

We were raised with the knowledge of birth control and that having a child when you get older has a high risk of problems

That is why the test are offered

It is all about choice – make the best for you - which not might not be the one for me