Palin Fake Pregnancy?

It appears that we might have another Republican with a questionable past seeking the Vice Presidency. Rumors are flying that Palin’s most recent baby is actually that of her 16 year old daughter and that Palin faked her pregnancy to be able to take responsibility. She certainly didn’t look pregnant in pictures of her at 7 and 8 months and her daughter was absent from school for several months “with mono.” Tom Eagleton redux?

Sarah Palin Is NOT The Mother:

Does this woman look 7.5 months pregnant to you?

How about 46 days before the birth?

And could the 16 year old daughter on the right be expecting?

It sure is nice you are taking big entrance in all this little Joey. I bet you have collected allot of pictures of her and will have them hung in your locker at school. How many of them have you had in the bathroom with you since you first learned who she was?

Maybe you can turn in a essay on her to your 8 th grade teacher Tuesday when you go back to school.

What is the matter Frankie, another of your g-ods have clay feet? Careful who you worship. What are you and the dipsh!t Repugs gonna do now? You gotta admit this beats a Lewinski 2-1.


Warning: The Content in this Article May be Inaccurate

Sarah Palin said she is going to deal with the false rumors.

Too funny!

Who cares anyways…

Geeeze, Why is it that when someone makes the news in a good way, there’s always negative comments being made.

For all you perfect individuals out there, we don’t care.

Considering this is the best crap that the DNC can dredge up, it speaks volumes about their lack of a case against Sarah Palin. :smiley:

Geez, you guys really got nothin’. Trying to make a scandal out of a little menstral bloating.

Does the bottom of the barrel get any lower?

Joe is freaking out because the lady believes in God, that’s all.

*If *the story is true, then to cover up the mothers true identity she would have obviously committed insurance fraud, which is in most states is a felony.

Your reaching little Joey. This is just cheap Democrat same old tactics.


Joe, I’m sure the insurance companies in question will give as much credibility to the brave blogger known only as ArcXIX as you evidently have. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think what Joe really wants is for Palin to give him a good spanking. Get in line Joe, Biden and Obama are first but go ahead and get your ball gag, rubber suit and nipple clamps ready in preparation to be dominated. :smiley:

This is hilarious. Ive never seen such whimpering, hand wringing and wild accusations not only here but in blogs around the net. Some are saying it just isn’t “fair” for the GOP to have such a talented, successful, strong, not to mention gorgeous candidate. Yes, even some liberal women are saying she is too beautiful to be VP. I guess you have to look like Teresa H. Kerry or Janet Reno to get the nod from the lefties. And the daily trash some people read off the blogs and bring here as gospel is moonbat material. For a bunch of people whose profession relies on dealing with FACTS and not conjecture, some folks try and trot that garbage out as “proof” speaks volumes of their credibility. I am having more fun than squishing tadpoles with all the hyperventilating and sniveling coming from those who have once again backed a losing ticket. Don’t you fellas ever get tired of being so wrong?

The Daily Kos is not considered to be an acuracte or fair source.

Nuff said.

Oh we were suppose to read something Joe posted?

You know what? We should help Joe. One NACHI member who really needs it.

Here’s what we do.

  1. Scan all the leftist wingnut blogs and find the most silly, idiotic, ugly and vicious “facts” that these bozos post and re-post it right here.
  2. Take what the post and copy it, so that thye don;t have a chance to erase it (commonly done).
  3. Then, interspersed with the lies, innuendo and ugliness, post links to the real facts (easily found).
  4. These morons are Obama supporter, let’s enshrine their idiocy and evil, for all to see.

Seriously, the Daily Kos poster who did this needs serious mental intervention.

One big thing. Let’s all pray, very hard, that no one tries to kill Obama. There has already been one attempt.

Some nut job (and we know there are many out there (Hi, Joe :mrgreen: ) blows away Obama, and the serious people in this country will never hear the end of it.

Just like trying to link the Oklahoma bombers (both of which, clearly and plainly, stated that they hate Christianity) get labeled as "right wing evangelicals.

Expose! Shine the light on the cockroches!

Let it shine!