Hot PIC of Southern California InterNACHI inspectors meeting.

Really fun event:

Good times. It was great seeing everyone. I finally got to meet Nathan.

Shower well.

See your buddy in the back.

Great event Nick. Good to see everyone.

Looks like a happy crew!

He kept going to you Frank for questions as well.

The smartest guy in the room. :slight_smile:

I had a blast. :):p:D

Thank you to Eric Richards for putting this all together.

Thank you to Nick for the drink afterwards, not to mention everything else you did.

It was great to hang with Frank, Eric, Rico, Darrel and Gabriel again. I got to briefly meet Randy from AZ.

And I had a great long conversations with Russel Ray himself.

I wanted to meet Randy. Maybe next year. It was great to see everyone.

So who traveled the farthest and what was the prize?

There was a guy from Georgia. Or maybe Alabama. He got the thermal imager. I think it was the FLIR C2

Hmmm ok thanks.

It was Alabama.

There were a lot of people from all over, not just Southern California.

There were several inspectors from Nevada and Arizona, and handful from various parts of Northern California.

Russel Ray gave InterNACHI a package deal on his House Key News customized eNewsletter service and so everyone who attended the meeting got a year’s subscription at no charge.

Good event. It was great seeing everyone and meeting the InterNACHI staff.

Chaarles “Chuck” Sapienza II

It was nice to meet you Ian. Sorry it was brief. Of all the times to have a client be pissed because their A/C went out on a 5 year old house and felt I should have predicted it. So I was a little pre-occupied. Wanted to get around and meet more people including Frank. Hopefully next time I can enjoy it more.