SO Colorado Chapter Special Meeting

A Southern Colorado InterNACHI meeting will be Saturday the 19th 9AM at Maggie Mays Rest & Pub 2405 E Pikes Peak Ave Colorado Springs, CO (719) 475-1623. This meeting is to discuss the current status of this chapter and to welcome Dominic with HIP and possibly an additional guest from out of state. We all know from Dominics posts how helpful he is. Any InterNACHI member is welcome to attend. Please RSVP here


Scott, I’ll be there!

I’d suggest reposting this under the Misc area - ain’t NObody gonna find it here, sorry - even tho it’s where it belongs!

PS, you might mention what CITY it’s in . . .

In Colorado Springs…

Hi Scott,
Glad to see we’re getting together again.
I’ll be there,
(provided I don’t have a scheduled inspection.
Thats usually the time I try to schedule some work…)
And I look forward to meeting Russ,


Great! Glad you’re coming Steven!

Hey Russ,

Thanx for being the surprise guest… Your time will be appreciated.

Steven, schedule your first appointment at 10AM and at least stop by to say hello.

Hey, you guys have me till after lunch- Whatever you want!
Marketing, compare notes, do a ride-along, take me out to sporting goods stores, go plinking . . . I’m open, & look forward to meeting you all!

What the hell is plinking?

NO…don’t tell him !!! Just take him out !!! :twisted:

Oh, it’s a fun game-:roll:
Country boys throw things, city boys catch them in their teeth . . .:twisted: :wink:

LOL , man your too much.

Check this out… Russ just told me

“Folks can bring memory sticks & laptops, if they want any files I have, Scott!”

Hahaha. :mrgreen: I think I’ll pass. I don’t want any of your hay sligning into my teeth!

Russ, that’s awesome of you to share your Home Inspector Pro files with other guys :slight_smile:

Hey, great meeting, you guys!
I’ll look to see where the other thread is, & make a more substantial post there