Hot PIC. Standing-room-only again at Seattle Inspector Marketing event.

Lol. I love how it morphs itself. I thought I was to be small and individualized and if there were to many to get great individual service that it would be separated into two classes?

I stayed till 12:30 until every member who needed individual help… got it.

Many thanks for the assistance we received from the staff at ReportHost, Michael O’Handley of Inspector’s Journal, P. Nathan Thornberry and others.

Next stop: Calgary.

:mrgreen:the world tour, I was there in Seattle. Imagine getting pleasant surprise after pleasant surprise at a seminar. Never a dull moment. Key speakers, PRICELESS marketing!! Nick is the master!
Thanks Nick.

Nick Gromicko, for InterNACHI Member of the Year!

I was there till after Midnight…Nick offered to help anyone even till 3am.

Russ you are great for the industry but cool the jets Bro.
Do you feel members should avoid the events?.. really?

You have a nice business and must know that there is know way Nick could perceive in advance how well the tour would be accepted by each and every location in advance.

Seems like he is pulling it off very well from response so far.

Still looking for negative comments by those who actually attended and have not seen any.

The only negative on the evening was the bar closing earlier than anticipated. The material was great. The information provided was brutal at times, but will make a difference for those that listen to the suggestions. I decided to do my Will Decker imitation and wore the bright orange shirt.

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LOL…time will tell.

Isn’t your secret home inspector club small and individualized?

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Sooooo that’s how it works.
Changed my mind and feel the tour sucks.:slight_smile:

I was going anyways. Thanks for the offer. I have a system in place now to faciliate my exist from the profession. I am setting up the employees buying me out.

Funny if you QUESTION anything, it looks as though your against something. But I guess sheeple only see it that way.

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I drove all the way from Vancouver British Columbia, 4 hours each way, to Seattle WA to attend the seminar not knowing what to expect.
WOW! Thank God I did. Not only did I learn a lot and was given many freebees, but I came back pumped ready to impliment new marketing strategies.

Dont Miss It.

No, let Bob pay for his own…

But here is who I give the offer to. The very next…I mean the next person who signs up for Recall Chek and wants to go to a meeting, please give it to that person.


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I thought for sure you would get that ticket, except it would be for the event at Fort Meyers only.
I won a door prize at the Florida convention given by Radalink for their radon class, but the only caught was I would have to go to Florida for the class. I told them if you ever get a class closer to Missouri, let me know.

No worries as soon as I read 3 posts ago was going to say I have no issue paying for my own but thanks anyway Russ…sorry if I got you mad.LOL

Began reading your book and Just hitting chapter 7.
I have comments that are hard to make without repeating them, quoting parts of the text or sounding like an editor however will say one thing so far.

It has me highlighting paragraphs of every page and serves as a creativity machine for my own imagination ,meaning I have already added several pages of ideas to my Evernote Reports and marketing sections.(yeah I do that).

The biggest lesson if there is one to be gleamed in the book is organisation and business skills as a mindset.
Yes you push your aux services but it would be brainless if you did not.

Personally the only part I did not care for was the first chapter as it has many missing gaps that seem unsubstantiated however gets on a roll once past the main biographical text.

My thinking is it is tough to tell our own stories and details are even worse to explain.

Will for sure finish it and continue reading more tonight.