ITA just called me. 89 RSVP's for my upcoming talk Tues. Everyone welcome.

very nice

This is going to be a great event - and free. Great marketing education by Nick, and an excellent reason to come see ITA’s facilities for future continuing education and other resources.

I’ll be there! Hope to see all you local and traveling inspectors there! ITA bought 4 cases of beer for the event. I’m sure its going to go quick!

If I come who will get the other 3 cases of beer?

Tony, I will bring the beer. With all the RSVP we are getting I think it would be better if I bring a keg.


Have ITA remind their Instructors that they are teaching Home Inspection, not selling ASHI.

Lewis, why do you say that? Have you had a bad experience with ITA?


I just took a 6 day ITA Course in Seattle, followed by a two day HUD/FHA course, after the 6 day I asked for my Free Vacuum or Barbeque, I felt like I’d sat through a Week long Time Share sales meeting.

The last day the instructor questioned the credibility of NACHI Inspectors, this was after he told us that the ASHI SOP was used in more Court Rooms than that of any other Associations SOP, I’d let that slide, but after he questioned my Credibility I explained to the 25 other class members that the ASHI SOP was used in court more often than any other because ASHI Inspectors found themselves there more often.

Then I asked him, as the only member of any Association in the class, just what ASHI could do for a New Inspector except brand them as a Canidate, he had to admit that ASHI could do very little.

The HUD/FHA Class was taught by the Oregon ASHI Chapter President, she told us that in her opinion ASHI was by far the Best, that was o.k. with me, everyone is entitled to their opinion, she’s also the one who told me that ASHI is considering dropping the Canidate Status for new Inspectors, and I see that they have Pro-rated their membership fees to attract new members. She thought NACHI was a good Organization, just not as good as ASHI, again her opinion, the opposite of mine.

ITA is a good School, I have over 200 hours of their training under my belt, I was very happy with them untill I faced this ASHI Hard Sell, I do have to say that the Instructors, all except one, were very good, and overall the classes in Seattle were good.

Thanks. I’ll forward your comments to Kaplan’s President. I’m sure he’d want to know that his front line is dissuading NACHI members from adding to Kaplan’s bottom line.

I’ve gotten a lot of complaints about ITA’s Seattle instructor. Do you recall his name? We need to find another school in Seattle to send our members to. I’ll financially subsidize a new school if anyone wants to start one in Seattle close to the ITA school. We might not be able to shut him up, but we can damn sure kill his attendance at future courses.

Someone email me the Seattle ITA course dates. For fun let’s see if we can bombard his area with free training. I like to play smash-mouth football in the mud too. If anyone wants to offer any HI training in Seattle, email me personally:


I can’t remember the Head Instructors Name , but he was very good, George Rinehart is the one I got into it with over Nachi Credibility, he also the one who didn’t really seem to know his subject, Electrical, his classes, Electrical and Marketing were more a “How wonderful George Rinehart iIs”, kind of like the guy who gave the Log Home Inspection Class at the Convention.

I’ll just beat them in the open market up there. That is so much fun for me. I know, some guys like sports, beer, women. This will be more fun than all of that boring stuff. :smiley: Find me a school in Seattle to make rich.

Thanks D…you know just how to get to my heart…head…belly?

I wish I could make it…wait til winter and I will be all over these talks/seminars/classes/beers…dare I say it?

This one tomorrow is going to be fun. I’m going to throw in some new stuff from

What do you mean your not going? You are missing a great time (keg with your name on it). Nick being the only speaker at a ITA school, hello…? Everybody should make it.

Nick, whaddya think about that Lew Capaul?
We’ve got some spunky members up here in NACHI country!
Lew is in the next town south of one-blinker-light Spirit Lake.

Maybe we can get Doug to set up a mold class there in Seattle, have people pre-register there opposite the next class dates . . .

Wish I could…sorry I cannot…unless you want to explain to Mr. Johnson why his Solar Array couldn’t be installed? Oh, and while you are at it, explain to the other 8 folks why their sprinkler systems are still AWOL when it is 95 degrees out :wink:

Bad timing…sorry D…:frowning: you too Nick.

Hi Everyone - it’s the morning after Nick’s talk and HE CONSTRUCTED THE NACHI HOUSE right there in the room for everyone to see. It was a great night - Nick was on fire! I’ve been in business for a long time and I heard stuff I’ve never heard before. One of my first thoughts was “How come we wer’nt all charged $500 bucks for the registration fee?”. The stuff I heard, if you apply it, has the ability / potential to add thousands, if not millions, to your bottom line over a couple of years. I’ve had 9 great years of this business and easily make well into 6 figures a year - and I was given a ton of info last night that could have made me so much more, if only I’d met Nick and NACHI much earlier.

I was especially proud and hopeful for the young guys (in business) that were there - what an unbelievable start they are getting! If you apply what Nick was talking about - straight for two hours without taking a break - you will literally stomp / destroy / out-smart / finish-off all of your competition and have so much business, you will be begging for mercy.

If you are crying about the condition of the market, the saturation of home inspectors within the market or that your phone isn’t ringing - then you need to get back to the basics - start by downloading the pre-listing seller stuff off of - maybe Nick can give us a direct link - and then implement everything on that sheet starting today! The results of your work will amaze you and blow you away.

Nick pointed out at the very end that there are three huge factors in this business - it’s kind of like a three-legged stool - you need all three to be successful - here they are: Education / Experience / Committment. If you are not strong in all three areas - YOU NEED TO BE! Work on these three and you will be more successful than anyone else in the business!

I thought it was so great, that I want to produce a DVD (or a series of marketing DVD’s) to share with all of the attendees at each of the NACHI Certified Training seminars. This is excellent info and everyone needs to hear it, see it and do it. One of my favorite mottos is, “Learn It, Love It, Live It”. Get some passion in your life about what you do!

If you are not putting a VERY HIGH priority on education, then you need to re-evaluate your entire business focus. Go to and read about what we are trying to get done across the country. Each of your chapter presidents has access to this information. I want to set up one, two, three of more training events in your region - we have gotten a huge response from across the country. We are bringing the training to you! If you want more training in your area, call or email me, and I’ll work hard to bring you the best educational event ever!

Nick - thanks, man! Awesome job! Love the passion!