Hot PICs of Buy Back Guarantee booth at REALTORs Annual Convention.

Kim Stover, Sheilenna Hopkins, and Mike Crow:

Three Mistakes Every Homebuyer Should Avoid

Ms. Kim

InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee.](

Off to dinner.

Sheilenna and Kim:

Look who stopped by:



I’ve never seen so many REALTORs in one place.

All gone, all done.

How was the feedback from Realtors?

Awesome. They all want videos like this REALTOR had us produce for him: This event cost us $30K. Next year we’re spending $100K. We’ll have at least 4 booths next year and 5 times the material to hand out.

This is a PIC of member Forster Fry who stopped by the booth with his REALTOR wife. As you can see by this photo, NAR put our booths next to theirs.