Hot PICs of CO NACHI election night.

Nice bling, Nick. And a straight gig line, too.


Tom Rausch, James Michael, and Bryant Wetzel

NACHI is lucky to have guys like you supporting it. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

3rd generation of officers since Nick made his initial visit to Colo- moving right along!
Thanks for taking over when I left for Idaho, Phil!

What pot belly? :wink:

Russell - Thanks for the vote of Confidence!

Deanna - It’s a honor to work with you and Nick - thanks for the encouragement!

Ditto Deanna’s comments. Congrats to each and everyone of you.


I see the Corvette and the girl, but where is Nick? <grin>

Tom, you’ve got some great inspectors there; they can be real assets to you.
Rotate your meetings, geographically (esp up & down the front Range), and consider having Regional VPs across the state to facilitate meetings in their areas. Feel free to call me.

Who is Ms. Wright wow.