HOT PICs: ASHI President Frank Lesh, Nick Gromicko and Scott Patterson.

As I had mentioned on the wrong thread…:shock:

I had dinner with Frank Lesh on Wednesday at a local ASHI meeting. He had kind things to say about Nick and NACHI. Most of these ASHI guy’s are nice people and do not have political banners hanging from their vehicles as some believe. :wink:

Peaceful Co-Existence! :smiley: :smiley:

Great job Nick.

I have seen the deer in the headlight look before but never with a ASHI hat onboard:shock:

I also believe that most ASHI inspectors do not think any differently than I do; just trying to make a living. This state requires a national affiliation as part of licensing requirements. I simply joined Nachi because I had to but then later found out that I really like this association DUH

I think that it is good that everyone can get in a pix together

Maybe later on ASHI could be influenced to stop encouraging HI’s to do 250 inspections with no background at all at reduced $$

Right now it is cold out here