Hot PICs of walk-in bank safe inspection at Inspector Marketing World Tour last night

A packed house again last night at the Inspector Marketing World Tour. Many thanks to Nathan Thornberry, Dominic Maricic, Michael Casey and Will Colton.

Michael Casey:

47,000 pound door to walk-in bank safe:


InterNACHI’s French Translator Alysse and Nick:

Last night was awesome. The place was PACKED. They had to drag in chairs into the back of the room as they ran out of tables for people to sit at. Others ended up standing! When the marketing world tour comes to your area you MUST GO!! It’s 4 hours of marketing tips flying at you. Absorb them as quickly as you can and write like mad as these are the tips that will help your business explode!

Does she normally have red eyes?

Only when in the arms of a real man. :wink:

It was really a fun time… especially inspecting the bank safe. Thanks for the great presentation Dom.

the meeting room is in the vault?



Yes, originally we were scheduled to have our meeting in the vault but we had too many attendees and so had it in the ballroom next to it.

We were in a hotel that was a converted bank. The lobby had old teller windows (original). We were downstairs where the vaults were. It was a really awesome place.

got it thanks