Hot spot in a wall

As the photo above shows, it’s next to the bed with the heat source in the wall. I could feel it with my hand. The only time I seen this kind of crisp contrast is when there is an electronic device. It could possibly be some metal conducting heat through the wall. It’s a home warranty inspection, so I may go back to see if I find the same issue at a different time of day.

No. I’m just concerned enough that I’m going back at a different time to see what I can see. Thanks for the thoughts.

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Considering the temperatures shown in your scan, look for a plumbing vent in that location when you go back. With our current ground temperatures & the AC’s running like they are right now the interior building materials are cooler than the water supply. For a temperature comparison, flush the toilet & then look at the tank with your camera. The new water will look warmer like that.

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Where are the exterior AC condenser unit(s) located in relation to this?

Thanks. There are no plumbing fixtures in that area.

The condensers were at another part of the house.


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First of all, you know that you do not try to scan a solar loaded wall?

I’d call it an insulation void associated with electrical wiring installation pushing the insulation aside.
Thermal bypass.


No offense intended. Your photo indicates that you have not had any training with IR. InterNACHI has an excellent course done with Monroe. It’s called a Certified Residential Thermography class. It is less than Level I, but will give the kind of instruction that is suitable for most HIs.
An IR camera is just a tool, but a tool that requires training.

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I didn’t see the regular bed picture, Norm…

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