Small hot spot on master bedroom wall

Was inspecting a bedroom and saw this small hot spot at the wall. No plumbing or outlets in this one area. Just curious on what to make of it. Anyone come across something like this before? Thanks

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Yes and you’re going to come across stuff like this all the time. Have you taken any courses or training?


Duct leak maybe?

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Did your pics show the opposite wall?

Your hot spot could be as simple as concentrated sunlight like the picture below:


I think its Martians…


They speak languages we don’t understand… :shushing_face: :shushing_face: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :man_shrugging:

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Perhaps, but It didn’t really have a pattern for air leak, it was a small circle. Do j-boxes show up like this sometimes?

True, that’s good point.

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Same wall from different angles

I’m not certain, but if the connections are good inside the junction box, I wouldn’t think any more (within reason) heat would be generated besides what’s in the conductors.

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What is on the opposite wall in your pics?

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Exterior wall with the sun shining on it?? Insulation void?? What was the delta T? Was the house in natural state or depressurized?


Geeze. That is not a “hot” spot. It is a “ever so slightly warmer than the rest of the wall” spot and could be just about anything including a warm breeze.



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Eric - so again, what was the delta-t?

It is obvious that the other side of the wall is cooler than the room you’re in. I guess you expect us to guess? It would help if you put the measurement spot on the subject matter.

By the way, if you want to put your camera to good use, you may want to discuss the HVAC issue in your scan.

The thermostat should not be located directly above a heat source.

Yes I am, with your provided information, what else can we do?

Please note Mike Cagle’s post above. Notice the collection of information he provided?
You don’t seem to like short essays, so provide the information and you’ll get a short answer.


This wall was facing east, and this picture was taken about noon, so not being hit by direct sun. I am sorry, I dont have an exact number on delta T. Natural state.

I see spots like this all the time and always assume it’s normal and don’t give it a second thought. But instead of assuming I thought I would just throw the question out there on what a concentrated spot about this size could be on a wall. Wasn’t necessarily anticipating a scientific analysis or breakdown; perhaps I should of made that more clear in the OP. Now I know its a terrible question, so that says something. :expressionless:


It would help if you put the measurement spot on the subject matter.

You’re right, my mistake. I will add the necessary changes should there be a next time.

The thermostat should not be located directly above a heat source.

Good to know, thank you for that.

:saluting_face: sir yes sir

Could’ve been your reflection.

Maybe heat from refrigerant lines if there was a heat pump installed on the other side of the wall.