Hot tub breaker

I have an exterior breakaway panel to a hot tub that had a 50-amp breaker that has started to trip after 4 years. There is a 50-amp breaker in the main panel. Was advised by the hot tub company to change the outside to a 60-amp but nothing said about changing the inside. Is this a good idea?

The maximum breaker amperage should be noted on the hot tub pump, you should not put anything higher. The circuit conductor should also be sized/rated for that breaker installed.

The tub needs to be repaired. Following the store advice could create more issues and ignores the problem.

If there were no previous issues with the breaker tripping, then it started tripping after 4 Years, apparently something is wrong. My advice is to call a qualified electrician. This could be a very serious safety issue.

As Will said the maximum breaker size is listed at the pump/motor and the conductors need to be the correct gauge listed for the breaker that’s protecting them.

I agree, the unit needs servicing or it could be as simple as moisture in the 50a disconnect enclosure. Interesting enough, if the branch circuit itself is protected by a 50a breaker this should offer the protection to the circuit . Without more details the 60a would possibly serve as a supplementary OCPD. However, something needs looking at and never follow the advice of the HotTub manufacturer when it comes to the electrical components.

Can we assume GFCI protection on this HotTub?

As stated there is a problem with the tub. Regarding the size of the OCPD as long as the breaker at the beginning of the circuit is sized properly the one at the tub can be larger and would act merely as a disconnecting means.

Yes, there is GFCI protection on the hot tub.

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Nick, just change out the breaker with the same size and type (GFCI). Or get a service call to check the equipment. It could be a light, heater, motor …

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