Hot Tub wire too short

I have moved a wall and now my 4 (I think) AWG wire coming from my hot tub is not long enough to reach my panel. What is the best way to connect this size wire to another shorter piece so that it will reach the panel along the new, longer route? I do not want to pull all new wire if I do not have to. Can I just add another panel or are their “wire nuts” or something similar that will suffice?


Since you appear to be a contractor you should know to hire a licensed contractor to fix this for you. They will have the knowledge of how to properly fix this.

What you are looking for is the addition of a junction box if your local code permits. When you call your electrician tell him you need a junction box or two installed. That should get both of on the same page. Just make sure that the junction boxes are accessible when all is finished.

Hire a licensed Electrical Contractor…Done

Now thats a DISCLAIMER

This is not a DIY forum. No offense, but if you are a contractor you should be well aware of at least the methodology and correct terminology involved.

I agree I sometimes think these type of post’s are only out to try and make us home Inspectors look bad .

Good post.
I do hope we as Homies try and be carefull with what we say when replying to post’s like these…

I like Paul’s Idea
The voices in my head are mine and mine alone! LOL

Pretty obvious to me that if he is a Contractor, he is one with very limited knowledge of building.

Like Paul said, hire a friggin electrician that knows what he is doing. :slight_smile:

Simple fix all he needs is a wire stretcher ,Mission accomplished ,
,I have not seen one lately.

Or we could just help him…

I think we did Mark, Paul said to hire an electrician.

A feed wire is to short, replace it or install a junction box in the right location per the NEC. To me, that spells an electrician. :):smiley:

Roy, don’t forget… with some larger conductors, they use aluminum. The stretchers need to have the torque set for the proper type and size conductor or you can run into trouble. I use a metric one since it seems to match all the foreign wire coming into the country. :wink:

I sold my wire stretcher to some guy in Canada. :wink:

I always keep my wire stretcher right beside my wood welder. If I have a wire to short, I stretch it. If I cut a 2x4 to short, I weld it back together. Simple fixes.

I need one of thsoe 2x4 fixers ,I cut A 2X4 last night twice and it was still too short .

No longer working at the trade I gave away or through out a lot of old equipment .
I wish I had my lead dip pot my one lb soldering iron and my Glyptol paint can to show how we did joints in Knob and tube .
We also had 25 cycle back then .
It really showed up on Florescent lights

Yeah…but I am like EF Hutton. When I say it they should listen;)

You could…and let’s say he harms himself. A good investigator could track it back and if liable for poor information then…well you know. Also this is for Home Inspectors…not DIYers.

Just my opinion…and I have helped a lot of people over the years on DIY sites…here I only guard against it for the sake of the HI…just my opinion.

I have turned away from the DIY sites now. I am a verified contributing electrical expert on the largest help site, but anymore there is just to great of a risk that the poster either misunderstands or cut corners intentionally.

Yes I agree and even after you explain it in detail you know what happens. Selective hearing.