Hot-tub Question?

Does anyone know the amount of water (Gal.) and weight (filled) of a typical hot-tub?

Sorry, this is the best picture I have. This tub was made for four people if this helps.

Go here for specs on one type of 4 person hot tub…

Oops…that link goes to page 1…you want page 2 for a 4 person tub… click through, or go here…

Water weighs 8.34lbs per gallon

100 Gallons 834 lbs
500 Gallons 4170 lbs
simple math after that, how many gallons = total weight in tub + weight of tub

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Thanks Curt and Jeff!

So would this be a concern? This is a deck converted to a sun-room with a hot-tub. IMO this is not safe and was built without a permit.

Comments please!!

A simple method if you have no idea is to take the volume times 7.5 = US Gallons.
Example tub is 4 feet wide 5 feet long and 18 inches deep.
(4*5= 20) (20 *1.5=30) (30 *7.5 =225 Gallons) if you want this in Canadian Gallons use 6.25 instead of 7.5
Canadain Gallon weighs 10 lb (Water is heavier in Canada)

Thanks Roy!!

Can you please have a look at the photos and give me an assessment,or your opinion please.
I have never come across something like this and I would appreciate your input.

Even if the deck was built with a permit, I can almost guarantee you it was not designed for a hot tub. Assuming a “filled” weight of 2500 lbs, and four people averaging 150 lbs each, and “refreshments, etc…”, we are talking **over **3000 lbs!!! I don’t think so! :shock: Especially when concentrated into an area approx… Dimensions
69" X 83" X 33"
175cm x 211cm x 86cm

Mario, I would be very concerned because you can’t observe the ledger board attachments.

Could you see anything from inside?

You need to disclaim this IMHO.

Express your concern and the limitaions of your inspection as a minimum…

I do not like inspections from Pictures.
But I have many concerns .
Good call you have huge amount of weight and for sure it is does not have proper support.
I also am concerned with moisture getting in with lack of proper flashing.
I would say less then professional installation and feel it could have been built with out a permit.
Further evaluation by qualified Person .

I have a disclamer on my reports that I do not inspect hot tubs. Many reasons many are not cleaned properly and lots fo people get rashes and skin diseases from them.
Google hot tubs and see lots of law suits on hot tubs.

Thanks Roy, I also don’t like inspecting from pictures.

Thanks Michael

Thanks Jeff, I agree!

Thanks Guys!! I appreciate your help on this.

From what I can see, it looks pretty stout.

Assuming, is not sufficient to call this out (in my opinion).
Do we have deficiencies to support the assumption? Is it pulling away from the structure? Is the floor out of level? Broken framing members?

Because we can’t see the ledger board, can we assume it was not properly connected? For all we know the porch joists may go 8 feet into the house.

My concern would be adequate footing. Did we dig/probe?

Another, is a lack of building permit. Somebody’s going to have to pay for that permit some time. A permit should have been obtained and inspected while construction was in progress.

Anything other than this it’s just a wild @ss guess.

Because I can’t see how the structure is built, and because of your question I would also think that you couldn’t see it in person either. I would at the very least recommend to the client that they check for proper permits.

The permits may not indicate that the deck was built with a hot tub in mind, but at least it would show that it met minimal standards. It would also show how old the deck is, and whether indications of structural failure would have had time to show up.

Without seeing the structure, you are guessing as we are from the pictures.