Hot water flow

I had a unique situation this morning that I’m still puzzled about. It was new construction (2005 but vacant all these years). The water heater was about 10 feet from the kitchen sink and about 20 feet from the bathroom sink. Hot water arrived at the kitchen sink in seconds, but took 15 minutes (!) to arrive at the bathroom sink even though I was at the kitchen sink first. Hot water arrived at both bathrooms upstairs within seconds as well. Water flow throughout the house was very good, and the same at all sinks, tubs, and showers. Any thoughts from the plumbing experts? Thanks.

No xpert but if the valve in question was a mixing valve and not a 2-faucet supply the valve probably requires adjustment…jmo

Nice one Barry! Makes sense to me

Is there a crossover somewhere before it gets to that faucet. 15 minutes it could have been there via my house by then.
Mixing valve sounds right. There are some more obscure possibilities, but I agree with Barry.

Definite mixing valve problem Russell.