John Wood Water heater age

I’ve never come across one of these and the serial number doesn’t match the nomenclature on BIC. The house was built in 1965. Any help is appreciated.

I’ve not heard of John Wood. Aluminum plate with stamped data and rivets, may be original.

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Looks like 03-1970

I agree with Marc.

I was thinking that too, but a new water heater installed 5 years after the original build date seemed unlikely, but not impossible, I guess.

Thanks for your input.

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Don’t let age fool you.
I had a water heater last ess than 2 years before the bottom dropped out of. Pretty sure the plumber beat the heck out of it taking it down the stairs on a standard 2-wheel cart.

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As you know, record-keeping is not always the best, and the reported build date could also be incorrect.