Hot water tank year?

John Wood

Serial # u8512 510828

model # jws50s36fv-84

189 litre

40,000 btu

I think I may have wrote the serial number down wrong and it may be u0512 510828

Hi Mark. The information I have says the 1st and 2nd numbers are the year, 3rd and 4th are the month. Soooooooo, it looks like it is either 1985 or 2005 dependent on the numbers you use. Hope this helps.

Mark, here is a cheat sheet for water heaters. Hope this helps…Rick

The font can be tricky, sometimes the 0 looks like an 8 !!
Most 1985 tanks are Chinese car parts by now. :smiley:

John Kogel


That’s the correct information.