Hot Water Heater Inspection

The shutoff valve and visible water supply connectors appeared functional. A temperature & pressure relief valve and discharge line are installed, and routed to the exterior.
Although I wasn’t able to see a date of manufacture, the water heater looked as though it might be past it’s life expectancy of 10 years and will need to be monitored for leaks and serviced regularly. I recommend installing a drain pan & discharge pipe to the exterior, to catch and divert any dripping water to the exterior. I also recommend a home warranty policy in place to cover older appliances.

Mike Stone

what do you think about 50 year old water heaters still working fine?

Looks like that heater is in the garage. Would you recommend that it be elevated? If so, why and how high?

What type of servicing would you recommend?

The data plate/tag with the serial number is in plain view. Make note of the serial number and go here: